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Entry date: 1-11-2023 - I have thoughts - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Y'all know by now that I am a long suffering fan of Phoenix area sports. I have to admit I was surprised by the swiftness the Arizona Cardinals showed in firing Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim. Well, I suppose Keim didn't get fired but stepped away from the team for "health reasons." Either way, he's out. New leadership is on the way in and we'll know relatively soon if the Cardinals are going back to their old ways of being not quite lovable losers.

While I would love to see the Cardinals win a Super Bowl, I won't be crushed or surprised if it doesn't happen in my lifetime. I grew up a Raider fan and celebrated a few of their championships, so I have had that experience. I also don't really give many fucks about football. I enjoy it and pay attention to an extent, but if I miss a game, I am not terribly sad. I enjoy watching good football and that's something the Cardinals have given fans in small doses.

Whoever gets hired by the red birds will have their work cut out for them. The cupboards might be pretty bare and they may not have a lot of cap room to work with next year. Their best receiver reportedly wants out and their best defensive lineman just retired. Their other good lineman this year is a free agent, so who the hell knows what kind of a team they will put on the field next year, especially when their starting QB is out with a torn (now repaired) ACL.

I noticed that the Diamondbacks did nothing, really, in free agency, except sign a (most likely) washed up third baseman. Who cares.

The Suns played the Warriors last night with only one healthy starter. They will probably be 10 games under .500 by the all-star break and out of the playoffs. My how quickly that bubble burst. It seems like yesterday I was in Rangeley watching them win games one and two of the finals in 2021.

At least the Suns can get back on top pretty quickly with better health and some better players next year. I have faith the new owners will do what it takes to put a winning team on the court and the young core is one you can build around.

I don't really follow hockey, so apologies to any puckheads who might be reading this. Is "puckhead" a thing? I don't know, but it should be.


I'm glad it is Wednesday.


Was She Really His Kid?

Implanted smile

under bright browns.

I could have swooned

if I were smart enough to open my eyes.

The people you think

will always be there

will not abide

by being ignored.

They will run and hide.

You'll let them, too,

and then you'll miss

that smile.

You'll miss that laugh the most, though.

Every day.


I'm very thankful for the life I have today. I've been thinking this thought a lot lately. It could be so different, so much worse. I could be dead. If quantum reality is a thing, how many universes have already reduced me to a memory, if even that?

But I see where some people I love are at right now and I can't help but feel lucky, even though luck is a thing we convince ourselves exists to lessen the blow of disappointment and weaken the impact of joy. I an thankful for Rhondi and the kids and my parents and in-laws and friends and peers. I am happy to be part of the world of education and art and creativity. I am also blessed to be able to put my feet up and enjoy so many wonderful memories every once in a while.

Story telling is such a privilege.

See you soon.

My favorite player as a kid. Otis Sistrunk was a big, bad man. He would throw people down instead of tackling them sometimes and I loved it. There are a few videos out there of him laying some pretty good beatings on Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers. Love it.

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