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Entry date: 1-12-2023 -Tired - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The kids wore me out yesterday. It could have been the 2 hour band practice on Tuesday night that kept me out until almost 11. It could have also been the strange dreams I was having or the weird toe nail thing that kept waking me up in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. I'm not sure, but last night, I was beat.

Due to the band practice, I missed out on seeing the Suns beat the Warriors. What a crazy happening that was. As I zoned out around 7pm, I was watching the recording of the game and just enjoying the hell out of it. Now the Nuggets game...we shall see how that goes. I don't see how this team can get the big upset two nights in a row, but I was wrong about the Golden State game.

Speaking of practice, we were pretty scorching on Tuesday. It was our second practice in a little over four years and it is coming back. We are playing a couple songs that we haven't played in a very long time. One of those is a song that Steve, Ray, Claire, and I did on the third Hillbilly Devilspeak record, Lies...As Told By The White Man (2004). It's called "CIA Cancer Theory" and it is a really fun one. The other is a song from our first 7" called "Paedophile." It's a happy song.

I'm out of gas.



Took a jet ride so

we could find the true surfers

before life passed by.

Walking to the store

we held hands because no one

was looking at us.

The secret in the

smile we shared was always

fake on the edges.

But the surfers were

great, and the weather was nice

when we were so young.

I can forget, though

what I once may have thought was

true was but a dream


See you tomorrow. Or soon. Or Friday.

What a great, stolen picture of the Surfers.

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