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Entry date: 1-14-2023 - Sober Saturday - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Happy Saturday, even a bit late. Woke up early today and went for a walk with Tom and Quentin. It was very nice and a good start to the day, however my sinuses were kicking my ass and I went home and promptly fell asleep for about four hours.

It was glorious and I woke up a little bit ago feeling much better. I haven't slept like that during the day in a long time. I must have needed it.

We had a beautiful dinner and time with friends last night. I had a great time while continuing to observe and enjoy "dry January." It had been a while since I had been the "sober" guy at a gathering and it was quite entertaining.

Sure, I got a little testy toward the end of the evening. After a week with ten-year-olds, patience was not exactly overflowing from my pores. Drunks, even when you love them, are terrible listeners. The beauty of it, though , is that they insist you listen to them.

I'm quite guilty of being the drunk guy so I hold zero grudges. Honestly, it was a really lovely evening and many laughs were had. Jeff and Angela are spectacular hosts and they whipped up a delicious Mexican feast. I probably replaced all of the calories I might have taken in by drinking by grazing at the chip bar all night.

Today we celebrate my soon to be daughter-in-law's first year of being booze-free. I'm very proud of her and hoping this show of support helps her stay strong and know she is loved. Staying away from booze is such a tough thing for those of us involved in a love/hate relationship with the stuff.

As someone who can easily straddle the line of use and abuse, I'm rooting for her big time. It's more than just a matter of not cracking open a beer or pouring yourself a mixed drink or glass of wine. It's about having a brutally honest discussion with yourself about what booze is to you and how it impacts your life, sometimes on a daily basis.

In the 90s, I had those discussions daily for about nine months. After that initial period, things did get easier, but the internal discussion was still had on the regular. Eventually, of course, I decided to dance with the devil again, and it is a devil, but the learned to listen to my body when it says, "Enough!"

At least most of the time.

So, we celebrate Morgan's re-birth tonight. I think this is a first for me. I hope it is the first of many for her.

See you at some point tomorrow.

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