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Entry date: 1-16-2022 - Random Thoughts - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

This is going to be one of those “random thought” kind of days, I think. Lazy Sunday, sure, but there is a lot on my mind and most of it is really fun. Watching the Suns kill the Pistons right now, even though Ayton went down with another injury and it’s all good.

In fact, what a great time to be a Suns fan? This team is special. I’m going to give the credit to four men. James Jones, Chris Paul, Monty Williams, and Devin Booker have righted this ship and are bringing everyone else up and along for the ride. The way the team shares the ball and plays defense is something that longtime Suns fans like me have never seen with such consistency. Barring injury, the playoffs are going to be amazing. I’m going to have to take naps in Maine, for sure, as I will hopefully be there for the bulk of the playoffs again.

I really like Ayton, as frustrating as he can be sometimes, and my favorite non-starter has to be Cameron Johnson. The kid is just a good basketball player all-around and does all the little things. He’s only going to get better, too. I hope the Suns are smart enough to keep him around, even though it is going to be expensive for Sarver’s pocketbook. To keep this core intact is going to cost a lot of money but Suns fans will fill that arena every night if the team continues to win.

Too many fouls today, though. They need to cut down on those when they play better teams. Little ticky-tack things, too. I hate seeing them. At this moment, they are up 19 and are playing for the last shot of the third quarter. Got the bucket. They need to put this team away in the first five minutes of the 4th quarter and rest the starters for the Spurs tomorrow.


Watched the first episode of Season 2 of The Righteous Gemstones last night and this morning. I fell asleep just before the ending last night and what an ending it was! Is this going to be the season of Eli Gemstone? I can’t wait to see what happens. John Goodman is always killer in everything, and it would be great for him to be even a bigger part of this season as last season. Eric Roberts is pretty darn killer, too. What a great addition to the cast.

Danny McBride flat out makes me laugh. Arizona was a super pleasant surprise and all his HBO shows have been killer. If you haven’t watched Eastbound and Down or Vice Principals, do yourself a favor. These shows would make a great discussion on the forum. Just a hint. I’ll probably get caught up tonight by watching episode 2 and 3, but we’ll see. Didn’t sleep too well last night.


Suns are up 26 now. Let’s hope the starters don’t play too much longer.


Last night I woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 4am. I was having really weird dreams. For some of the dream, I was in a bar with my grandparents. For some reason, my grandfather has been showing up in my dreams a lot lately. I wonder what he’s trying to tell me. I have to say it’s been nice to see him, but it also makes me worry that he’s telling me my time with Granny is coming to a close. During some of the dream, my grandparent’s toilet was leaking. I realized there was no wax ring left. I remember trying to convince them I could fix it. There were some other details that I remember being bothered by when I woke up at 2am, but they are so hazy now. At one point, I know that my friend Justin L. was tending bar and making some amazing drinks. I have no doubt that would be case in real life.

During my time awake, I played Wordle for the first time and discovered that I like it. I can see why people are obsessed with it. Just what I need, right? A video game to be obsessed with in 2022. For much of 2021 I was obsessed with TopWar which is like Risk on steroids. I still play Risk almost every day on my tablet, but if I miss a day, I don’t freak out. It does help me wake up in the morning.

We’ll see what happens with wordle.


Suns up 25 with 7:54 to go. Three starters still on the court. What are you doing, Monty? Do you really think the Pistons have a big run in them? Get those guys out.


I want to talk about the Dexter re-boot.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please stop reading now as I don’t want to be that guy, but wow! What an awesome job they did protecting the legacy of what was a really good show. Sure, there were some moments in the later seasons that were not good, even bad, and the original ending was lame, but they have righted the ship with Dexter: New Blood.

Clancy Brown was an excellent casting choice as the bad guy. He gave Dexter everything he wanted and eventually fucked him pretty good. In fact, the whole season was set up nicely to allow us to see past the mirage that existed in the original series that Dexter wasn’t actually a monster. The re-boot effectively shed this false skin and gave us a sordid insight into who Dexter actually was, which was not a pretty picture.

Julia Jones, who played Dexter’s girlfriend and would be arresting officer was fantastic, too. She played the roll with a determined strength and control that gave a nod to Dexter’s sister, Deb, and showed what Deb could have been if not for Dexter continually sabotaging her life. Looking back, that’s what Dexter did. He took apart everybody around him either with his knives or his self-serving lies.

The kid who played Harrison, Dexter’s son did a great job, as well. He got stronger and stronger through the short series. I have read there is talk of continuing the series and following him, but I hope they leave it where it is at. It is perfect the way it is. The dollars will do the talking, though. If someone thinks they can make some bucks, the show will go on.

Either way, watch the re-boot. Good stuff to be found in what I hope will be the only season.


Suns 134-106 over the Pistons with 41.8 seconds to go. I think, as Al McCoy likes to say, “This one is in the old deep freeze.”

See you tomorrow.

RIP Dan Olweus. Thank you for all you did.

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