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Entry date: 1-17-2023 - Back to it - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The grind is back. This is going to be a long week. I have parent/teacher conferences starting today. Lots of time to reflect on the kids as individuals and learn about their parents a bit. It is always eye-opening to meet the parents. Always...

Sometimes it is heartbreaking, too. I know I have a few kids in my class whose parents will not show up. Most will accept whatever I say with humble nods and promise to help their kids do better. I was one of those parents in the past. Sometimes I fulfilled my promise and sometimes it got lost in the shuffle, so I know how hard it is to sit down every night and work on homework.

I was not great about that. I just always assumed my kids were like me and didn't like school because it was too easy and boring. I was wrong there, and I regret it big time. It helped me figure out a lot of things in terms of how I work with the parents in my class and help them see the value in sitting with their kids, even for a few minutes. Being a fourth grade teacher (or any grade, for that matter) means being a teacher for adults, too, sometimes.

So, I'm in for a long day. Practice tonight, too. Today will be one of those days that reminds me of how I used to work all day, go home and eat and talk to the family a bit, then head off to band practice for several hours. I could do that so much easier when I was twenty years or even ten years younger. Now, I'm not so keen on weeknight activities anymore.

I'm not complaining, though. No moaning wimpiness for me here. It's temporary. Three more Tuesday night practices and then we can adjust accordingly or put Hillbilly back in hibernation for a while. I'm sure we'll bust it out some more, too, but who knows. I certainly don't.


Fitful Sleep

What was it, I wondered,

as I looked through the lens

at the dream inside

my head.

Nostalgia? A nightmare?

Chasing down the past

with hooks for hands

and no soft caress at the end.

The slightest kiss

remembered but as fondly

as it might have been

in years before? No, definitely not.

There is no more fondness

or foolishness

or frivolous disasters

of heart.

There are only glimpses.


See you tomorrow (if God is willing and the creek don't rise)

Arizona is pretty, too. Creek near Payson.

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