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Entry date: 1-19-2023 - Your 15 minutes of shame - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I have been doing parent/teacher conferences the past few days and have more today and tomorrow. It is interesting to me how many times the parents of my kids say they will do things with their child that I know they have no intention or probably interest in doing. It’s sad, but also gives me a bit of hope that maybe they will remember what they said to me and new habits can be born.

Parenting is hard. I could go on and on about this and perhaps I should one of these weeks. I have a lot to say about the subject and some might even consider me to be an expert. Sadly, I am not. I’m not sure anyone truly is. This is not an indictment of parents everywhere but a way of saying that people are complicated and raising them is often exasperating, mind boggling, wonderful, amazing, soul-crushing, and necessary.

Either way, it has been a pleasure to meet the parents of my students, though. They seem like a good bunch. I have yet to talk to any of them that made me cringe (and I’m knocking on wood right now).

It has been an exhausting couple of days, for sure. We had Hillbilly practice on Tuesday and that made for a really long day and yesterday I had to run to Costco for provisions directly from work, so I’ve been away from home quite a bit. I’ve been so spoiled the last few years of not having a lot of consecutive days like this. I’m sure Rhondi doesn’t believe it, but I don’t like being away from her this much. I love her, I guess. (Just kidding, babe. There is no guessing.)


Too tired to poet right now. Damn it.


See you soon.

So many shapes:

a square, long legs, take a drink.

So many shapes:

Grow and flow and show



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