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Entry date: 1-22-2023 - A Good Time in Good Time - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Last night I was watching the Suns game when I got home from Elise's birthday party and it was baffling to me how bad the officiating was during the end of the game. If it was much worse, there would need to be an investigation to see if the refs had money on the game. Just ridiculous.

What a nice evening at Elise and Morgan's new house. Rhondi suggested on Friday night that we bring the DJ gear, so I got to spin some tunes in their living room. Rhondi went first and was killing it and they I got to play. It was fun to just go with the flow. Played a little Bobby Gentry, Alex Chilton, Dizzy Gillespie, and more.

It was great that Mike and Tracey and Leslie and Tiffany came over, too. Always great to be amongst old, wonderful friends. Mike didn't break dance, though, and he said he would bust a move.

Speaking of moving, Liam and I went and picked up a fridge from my mom to replace ours that is dying. We had a nice time doing our chore and stopped at Short Leash Hot Dogs for some food. What a tasty treat that was. Liam's donuts looked great and my Cubano was excellent.


Enjoy your Sunday.

See you soon.


On Saturday morning, we found these on our walk.

Street Pants

Wrong side in,

the path was cracked with troubling wrinkles.

How did you get here, street pants?

What other choices could you have made?

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It is still fun to watch. I would like to see a Suns championship before I die, though.


Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts

I've suspected the NBA is fixed, and they use the zebras to manipulate the outcome ever since KJ got his 3 point shot blatantly hacked in the playoffs against the Bulls. The NBA only cares how many licensed jerseys they're going to sell, so they aid the larger media market teams. I don't let it get me jaded, though. I still enjoy watching people play at an exceptional level, without getting too hung up on titles like "champion."

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