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Entry date: 1-25-2023 - Random Thoughts - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Last night I was watching a bit of the film, Man Of The Year, with Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Laura Linney and several others you would recognize. The movie came out in 2006 and the premise is that a TV political comedian wins the presidency. As I was watching, I couldn't help but wonder if this film ever comes up in discussions about how to win a real election. Considering how bombastic things got a decade after it was released, I have to think some inspiration was found here.

Linney's melt down at the coffee counter is epic, by the way. I happen to like her very much as an actor, however cringe-inducing her performances can be at times. She plays crazy better than Claire Danes and that says a lot. I did say today was a random thought day.


So far, this week has been a tough one at work. The natives are restless, as they say, and I'm not sure why. I wonder if it is something I am doing. I've been talking a lot about expectations and investing in one's self. These are things that can seep in and cause a little tumult on the psyche, I suppose, but at 10 years old? Maybe and maybe not.

A couple of my students have some pretty severe ADD symptoms. I've been around these types of struggles before, of course, but I've never seen it so pronounced. I need to read more about how to be a good advocate for them. They struggle so hard to control themselves and when I correct them sometimes, I see the hurt in their eyes because they really don't want to be disruptive. It's hard.

Time to do a little research and time to search the ol' soul.


I can't wait for the show on Sunday. I have some stories to tell. I hope you can check it out.

See you soon.

This is one of my favorite flyers from the old Hillbilly days. "Stoner Rock for Tweekers" was something I came up with to describe our sound in those days. Kimo's was a great place to play. I think we did it twice, if I remember correctly, and both shows were with Totimoshi.

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