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Entry date: 1-8-2023 - The Last Day of Break - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It has been an interesting and relaxing break to say the least. I am ready for work tomorrow, that's for sure. I'm not ready to be a man of leisure just yet and to be honest, I miss my students.

There were several highlights of the break. The actual holidays were nice and mellow and just right. Our weekend at the cabin and the preceding days of getting prepped to go were rad, too. I got to try making tamales for the first time and saw a ton of snow for the first time in almost ten years. Most importantly, my wife and children seemed to really enjoy themselves and that made my heart happy.

It was also a time to be creative and not only did I get to make music with friends, I also recorded a bunch of new riffs of my own. The juices are flowing again, I guess. We will see how long that lasts and if the kids beat it out of me this week.

Just kidding.

Enjoy this picture from the Phoenix Art Museum...

I do believe that might be a dick in the eye.

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