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Entry date: 1-9-2023 - And we're back - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Matriculation commences again. We will have to re-learn a lot of things this week, but that's okay. One thing students need right now is a lot of review.

Everyone, including me, is so used to being able to throw away information. We don't need to really absorb or remember everything because we can just look it up (or ask Siri or Google) and voila, information is at our fingertips again. The other day, Tom and I were walking and talking about how we used to remember tons of phone numbers, but today, we barely remember more than a few.

Students are the same way. They approach new information with the same type of almost laissez-faire attitude as in, maybe I'll retain this and maybe I won't. Doris Day would be proud, maybe, or at least that stupid song of hers would be. Whatever will be will be, I suppose.

I struggle with this so much. I want my students to learn and grow and become people who can thrive in a very tough and demanding world. This is where I am wrong, though, I think. It isn't a tough or demanding world. It is more of an impartial world. The world itself doesn't care about people or knowledge or doing the right thing. The world simply IS.

Some people care about what others know or think or believe, but most are only curious to a point about another person. This is why people, not the world are difficult and finicky. Most are not tough or demanding and most just want to slide through unnoticed with a full belly and an artificial smile on their face because they don't know any better.

I have been fortunate to lead an interesting and, to many, a privileged life. I want that for my students. I want them to be able to believe in themselves and achieve great things. I want them to see past temporary limitations or full-on challenges and realize they really can create the life they want if they are willing to go for it (like Rocky!). I don't believe that anyone is destined at the age of 9 or 10 to be something. I believe the world, because it is impartial, is just waiting to be acted upon.

So, on that note, go and do and be and create and all that good shit. The week is ready for you. Are you ready for it? Am I ready?

I am.

See you soon.

This record cover is brilliant.

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