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Entry date: 10-11-2023 – Wednesday means Midwest – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

On a positive note, yesterday’s drive was uneventful. There was one minor hiccup when Bailley decided to put her head out the window while we were driving in New Hampshire and freaked Teresa out. It freaked me out a little bit, too, but the dog clearly needed to smell the fresh air. I wish I could have smelled it.

The other hiccup was the rain. It was pissing down rain as we hit Buffalo afternoon traffic on our way to Erie. At one point, the visibility was pretty damn bad. Luckily, people out here are used to driving in shitty weather and there was ample space in front and behind us. I just cruised along and listened to SmartLess.

It’s so nice to have my road friends back. I wish Bateman, Arnett, and Hayes knew how much they helped me out on these trips. Today I will try a few other podcasts out and maybe start an audio book. We’ll see. It’s a big day.

750 miles separates the hotels. Yesterday was a little less and then Thursday will be a lot more. Yikes. What did I do to myself? It seemed pretty feasible at the time I booked the hotels. Friday will seem short by comparison.

Time for some coffee, I suppose.

It was hard leaving Rangeley, as expected. These October trips are just too damn short, but what can you do? Rhondi comes home next week, so it will be very nice to have her home and get back to a sense of normalcy.


Friday and Aidan had talked through the love scene prior to the first take. There was the usual “Is it okay if I do this” and “Are you comfortable with my hand here or my mouth there?” stuff. Trantella sat on a stool next to the makeshift hospital bed and gave last-minute instructions to his actors.

Lily from wardrobe checked a few things on Friday’s nurse’s outfit. She and Friday had a good laugh about the underwear, or lack thereof, that Friday would be wearing under her uniform. Somehow, Friday couldn’t believe that anyone would think a nurse working with a patient who had a brain transplant would be wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt, but no one in the audience was going to care about that except people who worked in hospitals.

When it came time and Trantella called for “Action,” there was a bit of dialogue between “Jimmy” and “Nurse Joannie” before their eyes locked and the inevitable kiss happened. Friday was feeling pretty comfortable with Aidan’s lips by the time the camera was rolling and the kiss was definitely passionate.

The camera lingered on “Jimmy’s” hands for a bit as the reached around “Nurse Joannie” and fondled her shapely ass. Friday had told Aidan and Trantella that she was comfortable with showing skin. The truth was that she wanted to feel Aidan’s hands on her body and just before the camera’s rolled, she had even whispered to him, “I trust you.”

As the scene played out, there was no shortage of quickening pulses on the set. “Nurse Joannie” and “Jimmy” had what could be described as hot, maybe a little furtive, hospital bed sex.

“We have to be quick,” said “Nurse Joannie.”

“What does that mean?” asked “Jimmy” who was still getting used to his new brain.

“Go fa-fa-fa-fa-fast,” said “Nurse Joannie,” adlibbing the stutter. Aidan’s hands, lips, and tongue felt good to Friday.

When Trantella finally yelled “Cut,” he followed it up with, “Okay, you guys can stop. We’re going to need a few more takes.”

Aidan broke their kiss and grinned at Friday.

“Was that okay?” he asked.

“It was great,” Friday replied.

“Well, we might be here all day.”

“That’s okay with me. Are you going to be okay?”

“What do you mean,” Aidan asked sheepishly.

“You’re poking me, dude,” Friday giggled.


See you tomorrow.

From out motel room. Lake Erie in background. Bailey knew the place, for sure.

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