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Entry date: 10-13-2023 - Tornado Men’s Room – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I was delirious at the end of the night last night. 820 miles, a hotel room screw up (my fault), and a couple of Modelo’s and it was nighty night time quick. Four unique states, too.

It occurs to me that the five states we were in on Tuesday (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania) have a lot more in common than Thursday’s states (Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico). There is a very different feel in each of yesterday’s states. We stopped in each of them, too.

Bailey had a rough day. She is clearly done with the car. Hopefully the shorter day today will make her feel a bit better. She has pooped each day, though. Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri have all received deposits of Bailey DNA.

Homeward bound today, though. Just about eight hours from home, although we are doing a quick trip to ride around Flagstaff a bit so TQ can check it out. She potentially wants to go to NAU. I’m excited to add this stop for her.


Excerpt from Chimi Frasier’s Tour Diary 1992:

July 7

Albuquerque was fucking awesome last night. We played with a band called Logical Nonsense who destroyed the stage. They cruised down from Santa Fe and met us at the Launchpad. What a cool place. There were 75 kids freaking the fuck out, including us when they played. I’m pretty sure they were doing the same when we played.

I didn’t understand what the openers were trying to do. They were kind of like a female version of the Melvins. Swamp Twat. I’m not sure that name will get them anywhere, but who am I to talk. The drummer, Rachel, was pretty damn good. Kinda cute, too.

I went to take a piss earlier and got an idea. We were in Texas (on our way to Oklahoma City where we play tonight in some kids garage) and stopped at a rest stop. The wind was stupid, but the best part was when we walked into the bathroom, there was a sign above the door that said, “Tornado Shelter” right above “Men’s Room.” Presto cracked up.

The whole time we were pissing, he was laughing about being stuck in there during a tornado. It was not the cleanest place in the world. The sound would have been amazing, though. You could hear the wind from outside whipping through the weird stucco building.

I have some lyrics….

Tornado Men’s Room

Hide in here, you’ll be safe

You might get dead if you wait

Don’t sit down the floor’s not dry

You’ll smell good when you die

Tornado Men’s Room

It’s a sonic tomb

Tornado Men’s Room

Tornado death looms

Take my hand, let’s go pee

Just don’t aim your shit towards me

A friend in need is a friend who peed

The wind is strong, do you believe?

Tornado Men’s Room

It’s a sonic Tomb

Tornado Death Room

Only Men Allowed

Save the men Save the men

Maybe save the children, too

Save yourself before you die

Baptized by the blue piss eye

Tornado Men’s Room

Tornado Men’s Room (Repeat x 3)


See you tomorrow.


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