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Entry date: 10-22-2023 – Slept In Again – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I am sad today. What should have been a wonderful memory of good times and love and camaraderie will forever be a reminder of learning a painful lesson about how respect truly works. I let someone I love down big-time last night, and I am ashamed of that. I was not being a respectful friend and that is all on me.

What last night really made me realize, other than the very real and very uncomfortable despair of someone you love telling you quite clearly how much you have hurt and let them down, is that I took for granted something so valuable. I don’t have enough 38-year friendships that I can just be cavalier about maintaining them. To feel like I am so clever that my actions aren’t as stupid and obvious as they sometimes can be is just me being disrespectful and hypocritical.

When you are constantly telling little people to treat people the way you want to be treated, it is important to walk that walk and not just talk the talk. I didn’t do that for my friend and I will forever be sorry for it. Shame on me…

It was a really lovely evening in so many ways but until I make things right, there will always be a stain. I am the only one who can fix it, so I will. If I practice what I preach, and I can do that, we will get back to where we once were, I hope.


Turn it up.

Turn it down.

The noise level is your own.

The noise is what you own.

The noise is deafening

Until it is not.

The noise is unrelenting

Until it is not unrelenting.

Turn the knob.

Push the button.






Stay put.





Until you cannot.

Until you will not.

Until the noise in your head matches the noise in your heart you will not be allowed to smile again.





Turn it up.

Turn it now.

Do something.

Do it now.


See you tomorrow.

Sand castles make everything better.

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David Lathrop
David Lathrop
Oct 22, 2023

best of luck Tom

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