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Entry date: 10-28-2023 – Saturday After – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

What an incredible evening. I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t begin, I guess, to be honest. I think I might need a day to process it and some time to wake the heck up.

All I can really say at this moment is how grateful I am to everyone who came out and celebrated with us. It felt so damn good. Friends are an amazing thing and to be able to enjoy this ride with so many people has been what some folks might call a “blessing.” I do feel truly blessed today.

I will finish the story of the band. I need to write it, actually, but I can’t today. For now, I can share that playing music with Ben and Bill and the Michaels felt like a really good way to open our night, though. Ben and I have been talking about playing music together for 30 years or more and we finally got to do just that in front of a warm and loving crowd.

It’s been even longer with Bill, although he and I have been able to share the stage a handful of times together and make recordings, too. We started talking about being in a band back in 1985 or so, I think. It is a good thing to have deep roots.

The roots, at least for me, that are the most important are the ones I have been able to grow and share with so many people. I am realizing that “deep” is an understatement. I got a really nice compliment last night about The Father Figures representing Phoenix. My friend said, “You guys kind of are Phoenix.” Last night it certainly felt that way, especially with so many people there enjoying the ride with us.

Time to bask in this glow for a bit longer.

See you tomorrow.

Dolly just posted this and I'm stealing it. Thanks Dolly!

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David Lathrop
David Lathrop

lots of variety on that stage, really great to have the experience and enjoy lots of great music!

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