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Entry date: 10-29-2023 – A Small Act of Kindness (and the Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Small acts of kindness never disappoint.

Like small hands

Or tiny smiles.

Small acts of kindness resound in the light.

Like flowing waves

Around tiny islands.

Small acts of kindness delivered in truth.

Like meteors in a night sky

But you remember.

Remember when someone was nice to you.

Kind eyes.

Knowing grin.

A smirk with no malice.

Gentle nods can keep a person’s world turning.

A second chance

At betting on happy.

Small acts of kindness

Save the day.


Still feeling supremely grateful here. Last night we went to our friends for a small gathering after a day of hanging out with family and I was still just buzzing. I had a stupid grin on my face all day and I didn’t care one bit.


“What do you think Winny meant when she said, ‘Ask him tonight’ at dinner?” Paul asked Marcy.

They were going through the motions of getting ready for bed, but neither of them believed they could sleep that night.

Marcy stared at Paul. There weren’t words for what she was thinking, at least not yet. Her thoughts were the jumbled images of Jonathan’s dead body destroying the movie set, his dead body laying on the gurney, and that weird orderly being thrown across the elevator car.

She finally managed, “I’ve been having strange dreams, too.”

“What kind of dreams?” Paul’s eyes urged her to continue speaking.

“Jimmy. He keeps visiting me at night.”

“I’m having them, too.”

“What are you dreaming about?”

“I keep dreaming about you and the kids running through the hospital. I have never seen what you are running from…(he paused as he gathered his thoughts)… and I’m not there, but I’m there, but I’m not. Does that make sense?” Paul asked.

“It’s like you’re watching a movie.”

“Yes. Are we in the movie now?”

Paul had so many questions, but Marcy didn’t have any answers. All she could meekly say was, “I think we might be.”

There was silence in the room again. Marcy looked nervously at the DVD box on top of their dresser. She wanted to see it again. It was calling to her even though it couldn’t talk or move. Paul noticed this and put his hand on hers.

“Let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow we can call Aidan and see what he can share. I think we should sit together and watch the movie. Maybe…”

Paul stopped when he saw Marcy’s face. She was beginning to sob.


See you tomorrow.

Music is everywhere.

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