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Entry date: 10-31-2023 - Happy, Chatty Halloween - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I was up late last night.

Trips to Mesa to see punk rock don't happen on Mondays too much anymore. I was trying to remember the last time I went to see a show at the Nile in the main room. Might have been Subhumans about twenty years ago.

Either way, I attended the Chats, Cosmic Psychos, Schizophonics, and Gymshorts with Liam and Teresa. We met up with Dolly, Hoss, and MJ first and then Michael, Tracey, Renee, and the Qman got there. We missed Gymshorts, but saw everyone else.

For my money, Cosmic Psychos stole the show. They were rockin' and fun and hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. As for the Chats and Schizophonics, they were both better the last time I saw them (which was separately). They weren't bad, mind you, but Cosmic Psychos were just better.

It was fucking packed, too. Punk rock is alive and well in Australia, apparently, and us Americans are eating it up. Two super packed shows in the last three weeks featuring headliners from Down Under.


Happy Halloween, people. Let's hope everyone has fun and stays safe. We are going to pass out some candy and maybe walk over to the J's house. My students will probably implode at some point today.

I will probably implode, as well. I'm tired.

See you tomorrow.

The Chats last night.

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