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Entry date: 11-10-2023 – The Things I Could Say – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I love reading Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss to my students. The richness of the language just makes my tongue happy. To be that clever, to play with words so well… it would have been amazing to sit and talk with them about the way they did their thing.

Silverstein said he never intended to do children’s books, but then he went and wrote a couple of classics. Dr. Seuss, I think, and I’m not expert, was always wanting to write and draw whimsical things and ended up realizing his passion after making a name for himself as an adman. Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess, even if it is drawing cartoons for Playboy (Silverstein) or illustrating and writing copy of bug spray (Seuss aka Teddy Geisel).

Either way, I wake up on a day off from work inspired.


Sometimes words are stinkier than turds.

They’re really for the birds, these words.

They get stuck in your mouth

And things go south

And then somebody invariably pouts.

Or shouts.

Shouts are the worst.

They create massive thirst

For more shouts and pouts and bouts

With no end.

Goodbye, dear friend.

My stinky words landed like turds

And you flipped me the bird.

For the third time today.

There was no “Hooray”

Because of the dumb stuff I decided to say.

I thought words were my friends

But it always ends

With me regretting the time I hit ‘send.’


I made the mistake of reading about the nonsense happening in the House of Representative with our new Speaker and the Far-Right Republicans blocking our government funding. While I’m not surprised at all, I am just so sick and tired of people refusing to listen to each other, compromise, and act like what I’ve been led to believe is the way adults are supposed to act.

People are just dumb.


I ran for office.

Surprisingly, I won.

Now I get to fuck things up for everyone.

I’ll shake your hand,

Smile at your wife,

And when I get done, I’ll own 25% of your life.

I’m somebody’s puppet,

But definitely not yours.

I’ll wear the red tie, like the other well-paid whores.

Don’t mention abortion,

That’s always bad press.

Swept mine under the rug and then said, “God Bless!”

Guns are amazing,

Watch me clean my 15.

Gave one to my grandson because he’s a responsible teen.

Did I mention I care,

Because I really do.

I’m your Representative now and I’m here to fuck you.


If I only had a band to use those lyrics in.


Oh, how this morning took a turn, right? I pause the blog to read some news and my flow is gone. Had no intentions of getting political today. An hour ago I was feeling whimsical and all that good shit. Hopefully, later today, I will feel like getting back into some storytelling.

For now, though, I will look forward to a day of Costco, visiting Granny, and possibly a little Mudhoney later. I hope they are better than the last time I saw them.

See you tomorrow.

Look. Trump did actually drain the swamp.

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