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Entry date: 11-2-2023 - It Was Grueling - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I didn't watch an entire baseball game this year. I missed the beginning of last night's final game because I needed a few things from the store. I watched most, though, and it was grueling.

I like watching baseball, but I don't think I will ever sit and watch a whole game again unless I rediscover the love for the game I once had. The game just moves too slow. With the ability to surf a few channels, there will always be something that will capture my attention. Last night I got sucked into some of The Godfather. A half inning later, I tuned back into baseball.

While it was exciting and I got caught up in the Diamondbacks progress in the playoffs, I found it hard to get to emotional about the team. I realized this morning that I don't really have any true connection with this group of players. As I have mentioned here, I am not a fan of the team's owner and because of that, I have stopped investing myself or caring about getting to know them.

I found myself wanting to care, though, which is kinda nice, I suppose. They do seem to have a few players who are really good. Perhaps I will pay more attention next year.


I am back on the "We can't have nice things" bandwagon. Mostly because the Suns are going to be good enough to win a few games but won't stay healthy enough for this or any of the next few years to win anything. Mark my words. I bet Beal, Booker, and Durant don't play 20 games together this year.

Negative? Sure. It's also how I honestly feel.

I think, like the Diamondbacks, I just haven't had a chance to really bond with this version of the Suns yet. Given that I have cut the cord on cable and am not super motivated to make sure I can watch all the games, i.e., not really too interested in spending $15 a month to watch games on my computer, I doubt I will bond with them the way I have in years past.


My hat is off to Gallen, though. Six innings of no hit ball in the World Series is ballsy. Too bad the 7th inning got him the loss. Offense was overwhelmed.

Hats off to the Rangers, too. They got their first World Series title. Lots of happy people in the greater Dallas area tonight.


Poor Paul Sewald. They are going to tar and feather that guy. Wasn't his fault Alek Thomas muffed that grounder, but still. All he had to do was come in and close the door so the Dbacks offense would get one more chance.


Sports day at work today. I don't own a Dbacks shirt anymore. Guess I'll have to wear a Suns shirt. I wish I had some obscure sports shirt I could wear. I was Stephen King on Halloween and not one adult asked what my costume was all day.

It made me laugh. They think I'm a nut.

I probably am.

See you tomorrow.

Frog sculptures are always a good thing.

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