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Entry date: 11-6-2022 - Random stuff - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Happy Sunday.

Lately I’ve been connecting with some people that I don’t usually connect with regarding music. It’s been really fascinating and kind of stoking my fire in a different way than I would expect. I am realizing that I don’t really want to be in a band (and yes, I believe I have mentioned this), but I do want to help people achieve their goals if I can.

I know I wrote yesterday about getting better at putting myself first, but I think this is a way that I can do that and help others at the same time. I’m not sure what it will look like, but now that I am not in a band, I do have a bit of time that I can find ways to be more supportive of my friends’ endeavors.

There are a ton of people doing really cool things out there these days and if I can help, that is a good thing, I think. Just taking a moment and listening to someone’s music, for example, is a great way to be supportive. People send me songs all the time, but I often don’t really take the time to listen and think of how to be constructive or helpful. I can do better.


I mentioned the Gogol Bordello show in yesterday’s blog. I got to interview their singer, Eugene, and it was a fascinating conversation. The guy just gets it, and by “it,” I am referring to being alive. I think that is why the show was so positive and impacted me in a way that was unexpected.

The opening band (and I know this should be in the “reviews” section) was Crazy & The Brains. I have a little history with these guys as they were a band that Slope Records was flirting with for a while. I talked to one of the guys back then a few times and I had hoped to be able to meet them face to face at the show, but I was too busy having revelations.

They are a strangely energetic band. There was something going on with the sound early on or, possibly, they were on acid while they played. The singer and guitar player had that kind of “far gone” look in their eyes, especially the singer. He was also all over the place with his vocal tone like he wasn’t hearing things well or just was playing around with the tone of his voice because he was super high. It was alternately one of the best and worst sets I have seen in a long time. Mesmerizing, for sure, and I’d love to know if they were fucked up or just couldn’t hear or both.

I would definitely like to see them (and Gogol Bordello) again.


Mike and Tracey and I met at Little O.H.S.O.’s on 7th and McDowell beforehand. They got some pizza that looked incredible. I also had a Dunkel of theirs that was delicious. Bob’s Your Dunkel is a dark lager that is super drinkable and only 4.8% ABV. If you’re not a craft beer drinker, 4.8% might seem kind of high, but a lot of the beers I like are in the 6-7% range these days, so 4. 8% feels kind of light. I would certainly like to have a few more of those tasty brews and maybe even get Rhondi out there for a pizza.


I enjoyed watching game four of the world series the other night on Wednesday. It was the game where the Astros dude pitched six no hit innings and the bullpen extended the no hitter. I wasn’t really rooting for either team, but it was fun to watch. I did fall asleep before the final out took place, but the performance by the Astros pitchers and defense was really great.


I picked up a copy of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume on Wednesday to read to my new class. I remember loving that book when I was in fourth grade so I am hoping my new students will feel the same about it. Hopefully there is time in the daily schedule to get a little reading in as a class. I will find out in about a week if that is the case, I suppose.


This coming week will be full of Bourbon Witch practice, some writing (naturally), and prepping for a couple cool gigs. We have a bunch of songs to learn with the ‘Witch’ and only a small handful of practices to get them down. I suspect we might have to shorten the set a bit or replace a few of the harder ones with easier covers to do.

Next Saturday, Rhondi and I are DJ’ing for an event that a buddy turned us on to and I can’t wait. I love DJ’ing and should probably think about doing more of it in 2023 if I can find some gigs. If you are reading this and know of gigs, let me know. The crowd should be older folks like us so we are going to bust out some of 80s new wave collection we have amassed. I also think it will be a good time to bust out some of the R&B and Jazz in the collection too, especially during the cocktail hour before dinner is served.

The next day, I am hosting a reading for an author I interviewed at the Zia in Tempe. I really loved the book and conversation, so I am stoked to be involved in the reading, too. My friends, Brian and Maggie, are putting out the book on their R&R Press and it is definitely a good read. I need to figure out what Dan (the author) and I are going to talk about.

All these firsts in my life. I love it. I like doing things that make me nervous, especially when it is the good kind of nervousness that comes from creating something new.

See you tomorrow.

Sunset from my new school. I was there doing my interview about ten days ago and snapped this pic while on a tour of the school.

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