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Entry date: 12-1-2023 – Tis the Seasoning – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I got an update on the Cocaine Baby at the end of the day yesterday. Well, two things, really. One is that he’ll be back at school on Monday. My two week reprieve is over and the master of classroom disaster is coming back. He could have been a nemesis for Rocky Balboa’s kid.

The other thing I learned yesterday is that I cannot give him an F in a subject. Because he has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for his cocaine baby-ness, I can’t give him anything lower than a C. Mother fucker. It’s so not fair to my kids who have very slight learning disabilities who don’t qualify for an IEP who have to work their asses off for a B or C.

Coke baby is more than capable, at this point in his school career, of turning in his work. If I want to fight it, I can, but I must provide a mountain of evidence that he is capable and there is just not enough of his work to show. I’m so irked. He has learned to game the system and that’s not cool and won’t help him unless he wants to be the Republican candidate for President in about 26 years.

I’m salty on this fine morning.


He’s salty.

You know the guy.

Good for a quip

And a stiff upper lip.

He’s the kind of guy

Who will make you think

Or drink

or will tell you why you stink.

Salty McSaltypants

(let’s not do that stupid dance).

Opinions, like assholes,

Are better when they haven’t been sat on all day.

Roll a fat one, okay?

Roll a strike

If you like

And Salty Guy will cheer.

He’ll hand you a beer.

If you bleed clear,

He won’t even say “albino”

Until you’re fifty feet way and can’t hear.

Because albino’s bleed clear, dear,

He always says.

‘Tis the seasoning.


I have to put The Bet up online in its entirety soon. It’s almost passed The Trees in length. I’m totally fucked because they are both only about 20% done in what the story is for each one and I know that I need to pick one and power through.

Or maybe The Bet is almost done and will just be a novella. I have two ideas of where to go now that “The Bet” has been uttered in both story lines. Either way, it is time to start finishing things. My brain is so full of story ideas that I need to start cranking them out.


I can’t believe this week has flown by so fast. It’s been full of high and low moments. Today will probably be no different. I’ve been waxing pretty nostalgic lately for reasons I’ve shared, as well as thinking a lot about how Teresa is a mere six months from graduation and Liam will be a senior soon.

There have been a lot of highs and lows and mids for me. In the grand scheme of things, there are way more highs and good mids than lows, but I don’t take that for granted.

Things work out. Just like this week. On Monday, I was dreading things and today I have a whole new outlook. I’m not dreading next week, but who knows where I will be when Monday comes again. That’s life. That’s being the water, not the rock. That’s being, as my good man, B, shared yesterday, being a wild fuckin’ goose.

Get out there and squawk and scronk and honk and fly!

See you tomorrow.

Rick took this when we were in Maine in 2021.

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