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Entry date: 12-14-2023 – Fed Up – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


I can’t believe the state of the country. I’m fed up. I have had enough. People are just fucking dumb and evil and need a good, swift kick in the ass.


How could anyone with a brain throw themselves behind any politicians?


Seriously. I am at the point where the Dems disgust me as much as the Republicans. Everyone is so fucking scared to piss off the overlords (overlards?) that they just keep shoveling their bullshit on the rest of us.


What do we do? How do we fix this when people who are supposed to represent us are more worried about the feelings of some petulant grandpa-baby who is a FUCKING FRAUD. Trump is a fraud. A huge fucking fraud and FUCK YOU if you don’t agree. I truly feel this way.


I can’t even call him a “Manbaby” because he’s not a fucking man. He’s a lying, truculent turd. He will destroy America when he gets his second chance and believe me, he will get it. So many people out there just want to burn our society down. Maybe they’re right. People have probably run their course. People fucking suck.


I probably suck. I’m probably brainwashed by logic and my reluctance to buy into the “American” dream except for the fact that I believe in the American dream. I believe in helping people and trying to make the world a good place for our kids and for everyone. I bought into being the “good guys” and saving the world and fighting against oppression.


As I type this, I am so fucking mad. I’m so tired of our government being more about posturing and blaming and pointing fingers. It’s just lame. When is someone with a little clout going to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” I feel like Biden tries to do that sometimes, but he must kowtow to the people who grease his rails, too. THEY ALL DO.


I’m a hamster on a wheel. I’m a cog. I’m a widget. I’m a slave.


I don’t mean that in any type of a way to equate myself to people who were actually called “slaves” to their face, but I’m a slave. I’m a slave to whatever the expectations of the overlards are right now. I’m expected to churn out more slaves, too.


I’m guessing that I’ll be silenced when King Donald gets his throne back. I certainly won’t be allowed to talk to my students about believing in themselves and thinking for themselves and being themselves. I won’t be able to encourage them to THINK. I will be expected to dumb things down and serve up the educational equivalent of pablum to nullify any originality or healthy curiosity about life and being morally right.


The thought police are coming for us quicker than we know.


The news is disgusting but enjoy it while you can still access it.


See you tomorrow.

These guys would have taken to the streets and done something about these stupid MAGA assholes. Wish I still had that poster.

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