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Entry date: 12-15-2023 – The Difference Is a Smile – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


I was a little wound up yesterday. It still baffles me that we are in the political situation we are in right now, but it occurred to me last night that we are living in a nation that is a giant bullying situation.


The bullies are shouting the loudest. Their allies are backing them up. The scary ones, to me, are the allies that are quiet but voting with their wallets and in hushed conversations with neighbors and co-workers and friends.


The allies that fly their stupid flags and post nonsense and lies on social media aren’t nearly as scary. You can see them. They are doing their part cheering on the bully, so they don’t get bullied themselves.


Except they are victims, too. They feed the bullies. They feed ego. They feed wallets. They feed on the confusion. By doing so, they don’t have to truly latch onto anything other than their continuing, ardent support. They sacrifice true free will for the fake free will human beings who want to be worshipped always promise.


Most of us are bystanders. We probably lean toward the bully or the victim, but we are victims, too. What is our motivation to stay quiet or speak up or turn away? That’s a really good question.


I think that is what frustrates me about the democratic strategy, I guess, or lack thereof. I know some of the Dems are speaking out and doing what they can to stand up for what they feel is right, a lot of them seem to be pretty darn quiet. They’re bystanders. They pretend to be outsiders, too, sometimes and act like they are above it all. If you are a Senator or a Representative, you are in it.


There are different strategies for dealing with bullies, but sometimes you just need to kick the shit out of them. I’m not a big fan of violence for the sake of violence, but you can kick the shit out of someone without making them bleed or have a bruise.


Their feelings may get hurt, but feelings come and go. How we handle them when they are there is what is most important. After that, we need to learn from the experience so we can either improve how we react or keep doing what has worked in the past.

One way or the other, though, the bullies in our world need to be dealt with before too much longer.




I felt better after unloading yesterday, but I fretted about the possibility of alienating someone who reads this blog. I know a few people who were and/or are Trump supporters who I happen to love, and I wouldn’t want to say “Fuck you!” to them to their face.  I also wasn’t thinking about them when I typed my blog yesterday.


When I sat down and let the fingers fly, I was thinking about people like Ginni Thomas and Kelsey Grammer and the Trump flag flyers out there. It occurred to me that at some point in 2015 or 2016, I liked some of what I had heard Trump say. Prior to him throwing down his racist card when he verbally attacked our neighbors down south, a lot of his talk of being an anti-politician and changing things up was somewhat appealing.


Luckily for me, I could never go over to that side of things, though, because just never liking the guy. I also got turned off by how he referred to folks from Mexico and then the whole “grab’em by the pussy” thing. I saw him show his true colors. I’m no saint, but I don’t believe in grabbing anyone by anything if they don’t want to be touched.


I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that Donald Trump can make anything great, let alone America. I also don’t blindly support any politician. I can’t say there is a politician I could say I am a fan of, and I find it pretty easy to be a “fan” of a lot of people. I wish celebrities would keep their mouths shut, too.


Not that it is important, but I happened to like Cheers and Frasier a lot back in the day. Those were two shows that I often watched if I was home in those days. Grammer was a big reason why I liked them both (obviously with Frasier), so I was bummed to see that he was a Trump guy.


The saddest thing is that it shouldn’t matter to me if someone supports one politician or another. There should be no way that many of the people “serving” our nation were ever elected, but they were. I’m glad the reviews of the Frasier revival have been bad. I haven’t watched it and probably never will.




Enough of that poppycock. It’s Friday. I can’t wait to hang with my peeps later and just have some fun.


See you tomorrow.

Many years ago, my buddy, Blake, put out this compilation. It has Hillbilly and Son of Crackpipe on it. It was our first comp, I think, unless there was some type of BGR comp.

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