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Entry date: 12-21-2023 – The Bet – Letters to My Friends

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Dear Friends,


I don’t have a lot of nice things to say today about much of anything other than it’ll be nice to get a couple of weeks away from my students. We are all quite sick of each other. I’m glad that I can be away from them for a while.




The Suns are terribly disappointing. They aren’t terrible, but they will certainly continue to lose to the terrible teams way more often than they should.



Actually, there was one cool thing. I will share more about it later. Good news did come for one of my students and I have a friend to thank for that. It's weird how the universe makes things happen.



Marcy quietly left the bedroom and was heading to the kitchen when she noticed Jimmy sitting on the stairs.


“I thought I told you to fuck off,” Marcy said calmly as she sat down next to Jimmy.


“Actually, you said, ‘I bet you can’t fuck off,’ Marcy,” Jimmy replied.


“Well…” Marcy cut herself off. She was too tired to think straight, and this was not the conversation she wanted to have.


“What’s the matter, Marcy? Cat got your tongue?” Jimmy laughed.


“What do you want, Jimmy?”


“I want to get out of this house. When you made me your bet, you trapped me here.”


“Go then. Leave. Don’t come back.”


“It’s not that easy. I don’t know how.”


“But you started this shit, Jimmy!” Marcy was getting angry. She figured she better lower her voice, or she would wake up the whole house. She was pretty sure that even Paul could have seen Jimmy at this point, too.


“Calm down. I know. I’m sorry. Really. I just wanted to see you so badly. No one has ever loved me like you do.”


“I don’t love you.”


“That’s a lie, Marcy, and you know it.”


“Jimmy, how did you get here?” She looked at him closely in the darkened room trying to connect with his eyes. “Seriously. Why are you here?”


“I don’t know, Marcy. Really, I don’t. One minute I was just saying my lines, you know, being me. Being funny in the movie and enjoying the hell out of fucking Nurse Joanie. Heh heh…man, she is a lot of fun, and then bam, I could see you.”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean, I could see you. I could look out into the theater and see you. I thought it was weird, and then I did my stuff another 30,000 times or so, but then you brought me home here and here I was.”


Silence flooded the stairwell. Marcy wasn’t quite sure what to say and Jimmy seemed like he was at a loss for words as well. They looked at each other and then each of them looked in different directions, avoiding any further eye contact.


Marcy was seriously beginning to doubt her sanity.




See you tomorrow.

This is a horrible image I stole of my sophomore yearbook. That was an interesting year.

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