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Entry date: 12-23-2023 - Rainy Day Sheeple - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


Yesterday was a day of paying homage to the retail machine. Shopping is done, though. People have what they need, and surprises will be enjoyed. A mellow and happy holiday awaits.


During our travels, Rhondi and I stopped at Fates Brewing. Is it Fates? They make good pretzels. The beer was, well, not the greatest. I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy any of the beers we tried last night. We even came across them in the wild for cheaper than what they sell “togo” beer at their 7th Street location and we passed.


It wasn’t terrible, mind you, but it was just beer. To their credit, their happy hour prices are really good. A flight of five (including one cider) and a good-sized pretzel was very fairly priced. We enjoyed our time there, but there were no game changers in the beverages we tried.


Personally, I’m looking forward to this day. We are going to take some time to give the house a little TLC and then enjoy a late afternoon/early evening festivity with our family. I don’t want to get to sappy here, but I couldn’t feel more grateful to think of how much our incredible friends bring to our life. It’s hard not feel blessed today and I don’t typically throw the “b” word around.




Years ago, my buddy Jay did a really cool year long column where he listened to music that was new to him during the year and nothing else. I love the concept, but I can’t replicate it. I wouldn’t be able to go without my “standards.” I’d bust out a playlist of favorites within a week.


What I’d like to consider for a writing exercise next year, though, is to pick a different record every day and write at least a paragraph about it. I’m pretty sure I can get through a whole year and have something to say about a different record every day. The fun that could/will be had.




365 records in 365 days. I see a page-a-day calendar in my future. Coffee cups. Definitely t-shirts.




It’s a podcast.




These ideas seem so much more dramatic when I separate them with the asterisks. I find it pretty entertaining. It is fun to give stuff a try and see what happens. Imagine if a few people would contribute album write ups. There could be a little collective effort type of thing and then do a podcast.


Just a thought.


(cue dramatic music) Dun – Dun – Dun!




Keepin’ it short and sweet today.


See you tomorrow.

Number 6. Restaurant Mexico. La Olla style beans.

Man, I miss that meal. Being a creature of habit, I ate there a lot when I was going to school at ASU. It was some quiet time before class where I could kind of focus in on being a student. When I would eat there the most, I was working during the day and doing school at night.

It was about $5 in those days. I don't remember what I paid the last time I had it, which is when I took this picture. It was not enough, whatever it was. Pork taco, sope, and that little popover-type thing. So good! The beans, too, were amazing.

One of the last times I ate there was after Michael and I saw Devo at Tempe Beach Park. That was a fitting end to a fun afternoon. I believe I went by myself the last week they were open. Fitting.

College kids can get away with eating by themselves. I loved being able to just get a little reading in while eating a great meal. Viva Restaurant Mexico.

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