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Entry date: 12-26-2023 – Looking Back and Forward – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


With all sincerity, I hope everyone out there had a good holiday. I’m bummed about not reaching out to more people I love. Hopefully y’all know I love you. I just sort of embraced the day with the family here at house and made a quick trip to see Granny and take a picture with my mom, Mia, Ryan, Granny, and myself.


I reflected a lot about those five generation pictures. I’ve been in two in my life time, so far, that I know of. I don’t think one could have been possible when I was a little guy. I had the privilege of knowing three of my great grandmothers and one great grandfather (although he was a step-great grandfather, but I loved him just the same), but I don’t think I ever got to meet any of my great-great grandparents.


I hope that Mia gets enough time with Granny to develop a memory of her, but only if Granny can be healthy enough to enjoy it, too. My biggest fear is that Granny will live longer than her ability to hear lasts and that is a scary thing. She’s already outlived her ability to see very well at all. If her ears go, she will be cut off from everyone. I don’t want that for her or anyone.


Mia is just pure love right now. Getting some smiles out of here yesterday was about the best thing ever. It was nice to see Ryan and Bree, of course, too, but that little girl held our living room in the palm of her hand. I feel for Ry and Bree, too, because they looked beat. It’s such hard work going and getting a baby here and there. The holidays can where a new family out.


Overall, we had a really nice couple of days. We ate well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I think the kids were sufficiently happy with their gifts and I certainly was happy with mine. I got some new books to read, so I’ll be a reading and writing guy for the near future. There is also a good amount of leftovers, too.




I watched the Suns play last night. Big mistake. Admittedly, I took a few small naps during the game. It was tough making it to 8:30pm for the tip off. In hindsight, I should have gone to bed. I would have felt better about it, and I wouldn’t have had to watch them look disinterested and lifeless. For whatever reason, the Suns just aren’t gelling and frankly are not very good.


I doubt I will go out of my way to watch them again this year. I’m a big talker, of course, right now. A lot of things could change and if they start playing well, I’ll hop right back on the bandwagon. I’ll own my feelings, though, and admit that I was wrong. I just don’t see any joy coming from this team and that’s the worst part. They had been so fun to watch for much of the last few seasons because of that very thing. Joy is important.




Every life needs more joy in it. Here's to finding it in unexpected places in 2024.


See you tomorrow.

I find joy in peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

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