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Entry date: 12-28-2023 – Rad dumb Thoughts – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


What a nice evening last night. Went over to my buddy Dave’s and watched a movie with the fellas. The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a pretty interesting movie. It’s a true story about a dude who is kind of a blowhard. We all know guys like that, and I think Dave even mentioned that during the movie. I recommend it.


We watched the movie in Dave’s backyard. It was a little chilly, but not too bad at all. Bobby and I shared a warm blanket. Before the film started, we were joking about cuddling on the couch and I came up with a concept I will use in a story sometime. I said that we usually would find a twin bed mattress in an alley somewhere and the three of us (TJ, Bobby, and I) would cuddle on that.




After the movie, got a visit from Mark and Mo and that was really nice. I wish I would’ve had more energy, but it is always nice to see them. Friends like them are what makes life a good thing. You can fall into your nice comfort zone with people you know, trust, and love when you have known them for so long. Mark and I have been friends, brothers really, for 38 years now. I think I’ve known Mo for almost as long, too.




I started watching season 5 of Fargo earlier yesterday, too. I’m digging it so far. Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character is highly entertaining in scary way. Juno Temple and Jon Hamm are quite good, too. Each season of that show has been quality TV.


I didn’t sleep well at all on Tuesday night. Lately I’ve had a hard time going back to sleep when I get up and let the dogs out. It was 2am-ish when Frank started crying and I didn’t make it back to sleep until I got a short cat nap on the couch. I actually drifted off during the third episode of Fargo before I turned it off and put on an old Joan Crawford movie, Strait-Jacket, on TCM. I slept through most of that but woke up to see the end and it was pretty darn bizarre.


It's so weird watching Joan Crawford movies. Knowing what I know about her personal life, it is easy to see the ugliness of the woman’s personality peek out during some of her performances. I’d like to watch the film again. George Kennedy is in it, too, and the young lady who played Crawford’s daughter was pretty decent, too.




Who knows what today will hold? Some NT writing, probably, and reading. I got a bunch of new books for Christmas. I started a book of short stories by China Mieville that is really good so far.


See you tomorrow.


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