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Entry date: 2-1-2023 - It's the start - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Happy February. 1/12 of the year is done. Can you tell that I talk about fractions a lot? I do, you know. I love talking about fractions.

This is something of a sickness. I think I've decided that I need to be the one who can figure out a way to get disinterested kids into math. Maybe it is not so much of a decision, but a necessity. My students are afraid of division and I have to figure out how to help them see the light. Division is good.

Fractions are just division written a different way.

I'll stop now.


Looking back at January, what a cool month. Literally and figuratively. We started off the month seeing a massive amount of snow, which was rad. It was also an awesome time with awesome people. It was great to see the new year and new month start that way, actually, as it gave us (well, at least me) a fresh perspective to start the year.

I got to ease into the month by having the first eight days off and then work was so busy that the rest has flown by. It has helped to be playing music again with my Hillbilly brothers and we even had a gig. We also had Liam join us for a practice and it sounded great. I can't wait to have him join us on stage.

I also got to do a couple of awesome interviews on Monday. Janet Weiss and Francine Reed were both wonderful conversations and I'm stoked I get to write about them. I can't wait for the Quasi show later this month. Their new record is so good.

I also got to speak to a gal named Jenny Don't. She fronts the band Jenny Don't and the Spurs and I hope to catch them next week at one of their shows. Super fun Western/garage-y kind of stuff. She was a hoot to talk to, as well, so it's always nice to make a new acquaintance. Lots of cool music happening out there right now.

I've been listening to mostly Hillbilly these days to get the lyrics back in my head. Getting high on my own supply, as they say. I'm looking forward to checking out some new music soon, though. I'd like to get a few records by bands I've missed out on and need to check out.

If you have any suggestions, message me.

See ya soon!

Another great shot by Jason C. We are starting a song called "Paparazzi Smashi" here. It is about Princess Di.

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