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Entry date: 2-10-2023 - Time for a thought - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

So, Wednesday night was overwhelming. When I posted yesterday morning, I was still a bit bleary. I don't stay up til 12:30AM on a work night any more. For one thing, I need all of my energy and mental faculties to outsmart 31 ten-year-old, and for another, I am old.

The positive feedback about our performance, and especially Liam's, came in all day yesterday and it was awesome. I will probably never forget those first few moments of him joining us on stage. At one point, I just had to look up at the ceiling and smile. The boy is such a natural and so far ahead of where I was at his age.

Hell, when I was fifteen, I was doing lip sync contests at Tommy's and here he is opening for Unsane. I couldn't be prouder.

Liam is going to play a few more songs with us on Saturday. Should be another fun time. The boys want me to teach him a few more songs before then.

Then I get home and hear that the Suns have picked up Kevin Durant. Holy buckets, Batman! What a wild ride the rest of this season is going to be. I hate to see the Twins (Cam Johnson and Mikal Bridges), but it's KD. You have to roll those dice. Durant, Ayton, Booker, and CP3 are going to be a helluva lot to handle at the beginning and end of games.

Exciting times here in Phoenix. Still a bit exhausted, but I will recover in time to get all tired again. Might even watch the Super Bowl if I am not sleeping on Sunday.

See you tomorrow.

Jason C. with another fun shot. I'm blissing out.

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Feb 10, 2023

So glad I will see him tomorrow night. Again, sorry I missed the mid-week show.

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