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Entry date: 2-13-2023 - Tired, but ready - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Full disclosure...I'm tired. I might right some more later today, but after the weekend we had, I'm running on fumes.

I do have a little something for you, though....

Parking Lot

Think back

look forward

see the future


what will you be like?

what will be become?

Did we do what we said we'd do?

Did we even talk about it?

We stood by the car and made a plan

to meet again

but it didn't happen right away.

Months went by

and then it was days and hours

but we met again.

Another lot.

Another time.

Guitars began to sing in a spare bedroom.

the rest is history

and you are missed.

Hopefully you are proud of what we did.

I am.

The Great Ciarlino - third from the left.

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