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Entry date: 2-15-2023 - Post Cupid - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

If it is any indication of what kind of day I had yesterday,I fell asleep during the first quarter of the Suns game and was watching it in real time. 7:30ish and I'm snoozing. The kids wore me out.

To say they were wound up is like saying cats are often assholes. It was a high energy day in the old classroom. Treats were brought in and managing the chaos was taxing. I'm ready for today, though.

I do love that they were excited. Some of them come from pretty rough situations, so I have to remember that they need these little celebrations way more than I need to be Mr. Bossy McBossypants.

They did a good job, though, when the principal came in to observe and evaluate me. I was proud of them and the work we have accomplished together. I think she was pleased, too. Tomorrow morning I get the feedback.

Overall, it was a nice V-day. I hope it was the same for you.

Here's to a great Wednesday.

See you tomorrow.

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