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Entry date: 2-16-2023 - Just another Manic Thursday - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The Bangles were never a band I could really get into that much. The Go-Gos, sure. I like them a lot. Fun bass lines, but the Bangles...not so much. They did have that whole Paisley Underground connection going, but still. I just don't dig'em. Bananarama even had my attention for part of a summer in the 80s, but that could have been their outfits.

I don't know why my mind went there. Maybe it was the title I chose for today's blog. I like playing with words.

Last night we had the first Father Figures practice in a while. We were supposed to be retired but the Protomartyr show came up and, well, here we are. It was rusty. Such a strange dichotomy from what I've been doing in Hillbilly-land lately. We'll get there, though, in the next month and be able to play a good/great show for the crowd at the Rebel Lounge on March 20. You may want to get a ticket because who knows if we will play again.

We are talking about doing one more show. Something with some finality. I'll have a lot more to say on this in the coming weeks, I'm sure. I haven't told that story yet. I need to get back to story telling. I've been so busy wrangling students and making loud, boom-boom rock and roll sounds that I haven't had a ton of energy for this outlet.

I haven't even really given my two cents on the state of my beloved basketball team. I can't wait for Kevin Durant to get healthy. I want to see what this team can do with another guy who can close a game. I think the Suns are going to be very fucking good once they get some momentum behind them. There is going to be a confidence we haven't really seen yet, I think. Even better than last year's regular season team.

I saw that my buddy, Rick, had some trouble with his pup last night. I'm so bummed to see this. I'll be reaching out to him later to check in and see what's what. Poor little guy got a nasty cut, it looks like. Uggh. I hate seeing stuff like that happen to animals, especially one who is so loved. Hang in there, Filbert!

Big day today at work...get to hear about what I can do better and what I'm doing well.

Fingers crossed!

See you later, alligator. Don't go walking like an Egyptian unless you can't help it.

Maybe I should listen to the Bangles again...

Liam about ten years ago. Cute little dude, wasn't he?

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Feb 16, 2023

Thank you Tom for the mention. It was such a freak accident and something any owner/ dog should never have to go through. I took today and tomorrow off work so I’ve got 5 days to help him out. So messed up.

He bumped into a stick sticking out of a tree and basically butterflied himself. He has 4 drainage tubes and more stitches than I have ever seen. Poor dude. It’s okay though, I needed it in a weird way. Monkey and Filbert have shown me what was missing in my human relationship, and I am blessed to have such love in my life.

I aspire to reach your relationship level sometime in my life. This has only…

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