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Entry date: 2-17-2023 - Angles and Such - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

What a nice day yesterday was. Had a great meeting with my principal, teaching was productive, and then I did yardwork before settling in for some tube, Suns, and sleep. We had a nice walk in the morning, too, although it was pretty cold.

In a few weeks, I will be teaching the kids about angles and how to measure them and such. It occurred to me that I've been teaching them about different kinds of angles since I took over the class, though. We have been learning about the different angles it takes to live in the world and knowing how to use them to your advantage. If you know how to bounce when you fall, you can land on your feet much more easily.

Yesterday, while I was meeting with the boss, my kids had an instructional aide monitoring them. When I got back, the classroom was pandemonium. The best part, though, was that it was evident they knew they had done wrong. They also owned their behavior, too, which was amazing. It's sinking in and I love it. The best angle to play is the one where you make the world a better place.


I look forward to a restful night tonight and an easy day.



follow the leader

and you follow a lie

follow a lie

and you die a fool

Dying a fool

is not the worst thing

because do you know?

no, you don't know.

people are often misspelled

people are often compelled

to drag themselves

through the mud

until the get expelled

from their very own brain

but they don't know.

no, they don't know.

it's a flimsy excuse

it's a flimsy misuse

and what more can I say?

I don't know.

It's a flimsy excuse

it's a flimsy abuse

of the time that we have

on this earth


Lyrics, maybe? I don't know. Feels like lyrics.

See you tomorrow.

Sunset in Rangeley, 2016. What a tough summer trip that was. I had just gotten laid off and prospects were somewhat grim. Big nod to my amigo, TL. He came through with a bunch of work for me to do and got us through a tough time.

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