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Entry date: 2-23-2023 - Imagining a life without - Letters to my Friends

Dear Friends,

My brain works in an odd way. At least I think it is odd. It's probably not. I'm probably like millions of people. Statistics say that is true, right? Even if I am pretty unique, there are millions alive and dead who were and are like me.

Yesterday we had a pretty significant power outage, at least for us. While it was going on, I thought about what life would be like if we had a few days or even weeks without power. It was kind of fun and kind of frightening, but what I took from it was this: We would be fine.

No matter what you have thrown at you, you really have not choice but to figure it out. I've always done so in the past. Get laid off? Figure it out. Have no place to live? Figure it out. Get divorced? Figure it out? Find out you are a father of a five year old? Figure it out.

I could go on, but I will spare you. There is no option, really, to curl up and be a baby for too long. Feeling sorry for yourself only goes so far. It gets old fast. People bum out on you pretty fast, too. As a habit, I hate bumming people out. I want people to be happy and harmonious. Truly.

During my no power fantasy, I imagined budgeting my leftover phone and tablet power so I would have at least one of them ready to go for my morning alarm. I got my flashlights ready and figured I could get up and walk and shower in the dark no problem. We have candles. We would be okay. Working from home would be an issue for Rhondi, but we also have family and friends that have power. I could get ice for the ice chests and the food would be okay, too.

Being solution oriented is something that is so scary to so many people but it really is a just survival instinct. It sucks that so many people are having that instinct drummed out of them on a regular basis. I can understand if you deal with depression and it's not something that comes naturally to you, but if you aren't battling a mental health issue, buck the fuck up and get busy livin', as Red said in Shawshank.

Fear tactics drum the helplessness into lots of people. The media is a weapon of both sharp and blunt force and trauma. No matter what side of the fence you are on, it's hammering into everyone that is tuned in. 24/7.

I hate hearing from people that say things like they "don't have a voice" or "what does giving a shit about people or the world or anything matter?" Everything we do matters. The way you wipe your ass matters. Giving up on yourself and your fellow man is just giving into what people who want to control you want.

I'm ranting, yes. You may be like, sure're a tough one. I was without power for a little while in the grand scheme of things, so this could come off like false bravado. I realize I dodged zero bullets yesterday. Rhondi and Liam were inconvenienced and I got to have a little daydream about a different world while I at my cold spaghetti, but I think it still rings true that when the going gets tough, you have no choice but to get fucking going.

Was it tough yesterday? No. Tough is the people who have no power and no idea when it is going to be turned on because they can't pay the bill and have no money coming in. That's tough. Tough is not having anything to eat or a place to call your own. These folks could easily roll over and give up and some do, but others keep plugging away trying to build a better life. That's all I want for anybody. The gumption to keep it going, even when it is hard.

The older I get, the last spazzy I get about situations that are beyond my control. Maybe that's wisdom or experience or the slow, unpleasant drip of oncoming dementia. I don't know. I used to get all up in my head about things like nine hours without power (admittedly, I was only home for two) but anymore, I just roll with the punches and punch back.

Hope your Wednesday was powerful!

See you tomorrow.

Rhondi got this pic. I don't know why I thought it was a good one for today's soapbox, but I do enjoy it.

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Feb 24, 2023

Thank you Tom. I appreciate your words.

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