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Entry date: 2-25-2023 - Lessons of the Week - Letters to My Friends

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Dear Friends,

What did I learn this past week?

We should all be asking ourselves this question when we get a moment to reflect. I'm sure a lot of us do, but I'm also sure the majority of us don't. This is, at very least, one benefit of writing a little something every day about your life.

A big takeaway from the week that was is this: I love my job.

I love getting to be a part of growth. Perhaps it was more apparent because we were doing some progress monitoring and I got to see the data in real time, but the majority of my kids are growing and the ones who aren't, I have a much better understanding of how to help them than I did a few months ago.

I'm really lucky to be in this position. I come to realize it more and more each day. This week our new contracts were offered, too, so it is nice to be wanted. It looks like I will get to keep my classroom, which was not something I have had a chance to do in my career so far. I have bopped around a lot, whether it was in the Casa years or during my time in the charter school world. It'll be nice to lay down some roots.

Another big takeaway from this week is the growth I am seeing in my two youngest kids. L & T are coming into their own in some pretty amazing ways. Teresa got her first paycheck and it was awesome to see the pride and excitement in her eyes. She even agreed to go with me to pick Liam up from his girlfriends and we had a really wonderful chat on the way.

Liam is looking more and more like the guitar is going to play a huge part in his life. He's been taking them apart and putting them back together and is curious about becoming a luthier. Being able to do something you love is such a blessing in our short lifetimes. I've been fortunate enough to do that and it's something I wish for all the kids.


I'm watching the 1982 film, Deathtrap, and it's getting good. I'm going to sign off until tomorrow.

See you then.

Take the 7:29 to East Hampton.

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