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Entry date: 2-25-2024 – Fake Trauma Inducing Thoughts – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


The title of this blog is not meant to trigger any bad feelings. I thought it was ironic and funny yesterday because as I was writing about tomorrow’s record (yes, I work a little ahead when I can on the records), I mentioned a movie I love, and the thought came over me to write about movies I love in 2025.


Someone please talk some sense into me.  I mean, sure, I could write about 365 movies, but does anyone want to read that? Maybe one movie a week next year and really dive in. That makes more sense.


It’s a Sunday. Half of what I say is just delirium. Yesterday was a long day.




We started looking into our plumbing adventure when Ryan got over to the house around 10:15 or so. We have dodged an expensive bullet, which is good, and it’s very nice to know we are in good hands with our son. It was fun to watch him do his thing.


There is something really cool about seeing your children excel at things. We have such a talented group of young people in our lives, and I can’t wait to see all the things they can accomplish while I’m still here. I was a proud dad yesterday on several levels.


Around 1:30PM my mom stopped by and had lunch with us. We had a nice visit and after she and Ryan left, I got a little down time to relax before the show last night. It was necessary, too, as I didn’t sleep well at all on Friday night.


The strangely wonderful yet stressful dreams were back. This time around, the Jesus Lizard asked me to fill in on bass for a show that night without ever jamming with them. It also wasn’t the real Jesus Lizard, but one of those dream Jesus Lizards. I was excited to do the show, of course, but also really uncomfortable because I felt ill prepared to play. I kept waking up and then going right back into it. Finally, I just said, “Fuck it” and stayed awake.


I did manage a nap, though, yesterday afternoon and felt very ready to play. When I got to Rip’s, I was immediately ready to kill someone. They didn’t let Tom and Q in, so I was irritated about that. I really don’t like that place. I’ve had a few good times there, but for the most part, the vibe of the place is negative, in my opinion.


The crowd was very positive, though, and gave each of the four bands a really good response. My buddies in Sick In The Head were quite good and have made some changes since I saw them last. Good changes, too. They are definitely one of the up and coming local bands right now.


We had a good set and people seemed to like it. I got to exercise a few demons and we played very, very loud. My ears were not functioning well when I got home afterwards. I had to keep asking Rhondi to repeat herself.


I loved seeing so many friends last night. It was a great feeling and the hugs were flowing. Liam seemed to enjoy himself, too, and he got a ton of compliments on his playing and his guitar tone. Another proud dad moment.


After we finished, a very excited young fellow came up and said we reminded him of Motorhead and that I was like a punk rock Jimmy Page. Strange and hilarious reference, I thought, and I’m wondering if he knew that I was playing a bass.


Another fun moment was when one of the dudes from the very interesting and cool, Cult of Chunk, came up to see if I was the drummer of the band and when I said I wasn’t, he said, “Do you know the drummer?” I had to laugh.


“Yes, I’m in a band with him,” was my reply and that made the touring guy laugh a little. I think they were smoking the devil’s lettuce.


Puppy & The Handjobs were great fun, though, and it was good to see those guys. As I mentioned, it was a really fun crowd. I wish I could have heard more of the conversations I was taking part in.




Today is going to be a day of prepping and relaxation and a little visitation. I wish a nice Sunday to all.




One last thing. After being in a bar with a lot of buzzed people last night, I can safely say that I don’t miss drinking at all. There was zero temptation or urge to have a drink. Small victories are still victories.




There was a time when skateboarding was a crime. We were criminals in many ways, in those days, but driving around to find places to skateboard illegally was at the top of our list. Mark had a Cutlass we drove around in and a VW Rabbit, too. I don’t recollect which one we started listening to The Adicts in, but he's the one who introduced me to them and their excellent record, Sound of Music.


You had to have good music to get you stoked to skate, especially when the places you were going to skate could easily result in having to run from the police. There was one place I really liked to go that over off of Tatum between Shea and Lincoln. We called it “Double Tree” because it was part of that neighborhood. There were some nice big, easy to skate, banks that ran between some houses.


We would park at one end and then ride down to a nice mellow spot and skate as long as we could. It was not often a bust, but we also knew not to push our luck. It was a popular skate spot, too. People would bring parking blocks in there and metal rails/sign poles to get some grinds on here and there. It was so much fun.


The Adicts were in regular rotation then. It was 1986 and we cared about only a few things. One of those was good, fast music. Sound of Music provided some GREAT fast music. Before Mark got the record, I’d heard of the Adicts, of course, but I don’t know if I had ever purposefully listened to them.


That changed, though, pretty quickly, and at some point, I got my own copy of Sound of Music. I was a Sex Pistols, Damned, and Subhumans fan, as well as Exploited, but that was about the extent of the English bands I was really into in those days. After driving around for a while listening to Sound of Music, The Adicts moved up my favorites list pretty quickly.


As with a lot of the records I love, there isn’t a weak track on this record. It’s start with some extremely appropriate and mildly disorienting calliope music (who doesn’t love some good calliope music) before “How Sad” just kicks your ass (and puts a smile on your face.”


“A boy loved a girl and the girl said ‘No.’ She ran away with a handsome gigolo.”


What teenage boy can’t get down with that line? It spoke directly to our souls. Monkey’s lyrics were, and still are, fucking great.


“4-3-2-1” and “Chinese Takeaway” are also absolute beasts. There is no letting up for the first three songs, but it’s not like there is any opportunities to relax any time soon with this record. I’m sitting here chair dancing like a goon, silently mouthing the words to “Chinese Takeaway” and give zero fucks. My wife is probably sitting behind me laughing her ass off, but again, no fucks given. I love this song.


“Johnny Was A Soldier” and “Disco” are also bad ass. I think I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for “Johnny Was A Soldier” because of the line, “Johnny was a soldier/He can’t dance anymore.” As goofy and kind of English Ramones-ish a lot of The Adicts are, they also sung about some pretty serious things. So many bands ripped off The Adicts in the 80s. I’m guessing they knew that.


“Disco” is a fun one, though. It’s another one of the tracks on Sound of Music that I can’t help but bust a little move to, in a chair or otherwise. The Adicts do their very best to take a little piss out of pub rock here and it just shines.


Luckily, “Disco” shines enough to not be completely eclipsed by the kick ass Side A finisher, “Eyes In The Back Of Your Head.” Pete Davison’s guitar and Mel Ellis’ bass are just superb on “Eyes…” The song just gets more and more revved up through the first minute before taking off. Great song to skateboard to, that’s for sure.


The Adicts don’t let up at all on side two. “Joker In The Pack” is kind of an Adicts theme song for me. I love it a lot and sing it loud and proud. Michael “Kid Dee” Davison’s drum intro is just solid. Again, how many bands have aped this? (Pun totally intended)


“Lullaby” is another song that bands have stolen. My buddies (and bandmates) in Blanche Davidian have a few riffs that are highly reminiscent of “Lullaby.” This is probably because they love Turbonegro and those dudes definitely spent some time grooving to The Adicts.


“My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller” is probably my favorite song on the record. It’s another great song to skateboard to and you can’t help but go a little faster when this one is on the boombox. We would take tunes with us to the spots whenever we could get away with it. The Double Tree banks were a place we could sometimes get a little loud. Fucking love this song. You should listen to it. Right now. Go.


Hopefully you did and are now listening to “A Man’s Gotta Do,” too. Good song. Really good. Another fine example of Pete Davison’s riffage. I love how the song is mixed, too, with slightly different guitar bits in each ear when you have ear buds. Not bad for 1982.


“Let’s Go” has always reminded me a bit of an Adam and the Ants song. It just has that sort of guitar line. I’m guessing Pete Davison and Marco Pirroni were chums. “Easy Way Out” is another great song with a dark tinge to it lyrically. The Adicts were and are a punk rock band. Don’t forget it.


The closer, “Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head” is another one that convinces me that Turbonegro loved The Adicts. Those guys, though, took riffs like this and put some blistering lead guitar over it. Gotta love it when good bands spawn good bands.


I still think about the days of riding around with Mark trying to find places to skate when I think of Sound of Music. Ben was usually with us, too, and sometimes other friends. I can remember several times at Double Tree where we had a little crew of folks there having a good time. I felt pretty confident there, for some reason, and pulled off some of my earliest decent tricks there.


Fond memories. Viva la Adicts!




See you tomorrow.

Stole this from the internet and it's a bad photo. Sorry.

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I need to revisit The Adicts, been a long time for me. I love that song "How Sad". Sorry about the exp at Rips but the plumbing experience was good to read about.

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