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Entry date: 2-3-2023 - Happy Friday - Letters to My Friends

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Dear Friends,

Last night, I was bushed so I just wrote a little something... It goes like this:

Welcome Home

It slipped.

The tension, that is.

It slipped right by

and winked twice.

Performance was never the issue.

It was the top of the spectrum, true

but it was never an issue, so to speak.

Yellow green yellow and green again.

Ruby red, too.

Fear smears

like fresh paint on the bottom of a shoe.

How do your floors look now?

Talking heads, not the band.

Talking heads follow the rolling ball.

The rolling ball is just a game, you know.

Bouncy ball, too.

A song, a name, a game.

Just like fresh paint on the bottom of a shoe.

Look at you now.

Green, not yellow. Ruby red, too.

The clowns like to fuck you.

didn't they always?

See you tomorrow.

This is a fun one from 2018. I wonder what song we were playing?

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