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Entry date: 2-4-2023 - Better late than never - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I can't believe people are buying this bullshit about the China balloon. I can't believe that people won't sit down and just think about how if there is one balloon, there is fifty. If there is on Bot spying on you online, there is one million. We spy on China, they spy on us. The US spies on its own citizens and China does the same. This isn't any one person's fault.

People are fucking dumb. I should know, I am one of the them, and I am fucking dumb. We are all dumb. There is so much more that we don't know than what we do know that the logic is clear. We are dumb.

Why do some people embrace it so much? I don't know. I'm dumb.

It does make for interesting social media, though. I'm probably not making many friends out there in cyber land these days. I sometimes just have to say something and luckily for me, not many people are paying attention. Those that do probably understand my irreverence pretty well.

It's not new.

I engaged a woman on SEL on twitter. She thinks it is a "Wolf in sheep's clothing." How in the fuck can helping children understand themselves better be bad? I don't get it. I will write more on this later. I just can't right now. I want a burrito.

Have a great day.

Elise had this wild dog for a while that tried to eat my face a few years ago.

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