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Entry date: 2-5-2023 - Schmucks. - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

God bless Elon Musk. Since he took over Twitter, my feed is even more loaded with crazy, no, batshit crazy rhetoric from the political shills. I've been baiting them with comments about their bullshit, but they have, mercifully, been ignored. I have realized that I really don't need any Twitter battles.

This has been my Sunday, so far. I slept in. I don't get to really do that very often and it felt great. I also stayed up kind of late, too, last night. It was probably the fault of Shrinking. I have decided that I like that show. We watched a few episodes before bed and then started another Apple TV show about a plane crash that was strange, but somewhat compelling.

I had crazy dreams, too. Probably because I took some generic Mucinex before bed as I have had a little extra lung juice lately. The dreams were fitful and, luckily, not memorable. I just remember waking up a lot for the first few hours of trying to sleep and being relieved that it was all just a dream. Eventually the drugs kicked in and the cough (and dreams) subsided.

I felt well enough to do a little weed pulling in the backyard. This only served two purposes and one of those was to remind me that I'm getting out of shape. I haven't been to the gym in months and it shows. I haven't played golf or done anything other than walking around the neighborhood in a while. Time to start taking care of my body again.

I've extended the Dry January into February and it feels good. The break from booze has been nice on the brain and body (exercise would make this better, yes, I know). I'm not sure that I will start drinking again any time soon, to be honest, but you never know. I do have to admit that draft beer looks good...but cans and bottles aren't triggering a thirst just yet.

Being an all or nothing guy is tough. I have a tough time with moderation when it comes to things that taste good. I also have to admit that it gives me a feeling of power and control to deny myself of things I like. That's probably something I need to explore a bit further this year.

Here's to exploring what makes us all tick.

See you tomorrow.

This is a delicious thing I could not say no to any day of the week.

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Feb 06, 2023

It’s difficult to deny yourself something that you like, I’ve really realized that this year with my little 9 year-old douchebags. Arizona taking away SEL learning in favor of academics is funny. Pay us you bastards!!!

I think we all need to focus more on our bodies, and not just working them out. We are creatures of habit. Muscle memory. That’s it.

One of the most important things that we need to focus on as we are aging is our breathing.

You had mentioned that you were trying to quell your morning rituals of basically wasting time, and it really hit a string note.

Studying Eastern Medicine made me realize the importance of breath. Wake up, spend 10 minutes…

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