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Entry date: 2-6-2023 - The Week Ahead - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

This is going to be another short post.

There are weeks that come along every now and again that make hair grow on the ol' chest. This week shall be one of them. At work, I'm gearing up for my evaluation next week, so I'll be locking in some lesson planning to help my kids get ready for an hour with the Principal next week. Yay!

Typically, I do well with this sort of thing, so I'm not worried about it. In fact, I'm ready to shine, but it's still stressful. The one thing that is not stressful, though, is that I've been evaluated by a new boss each of the last few years, so that's not new at all. It's also going to be such a busy week outside of work that it would be easy to drop the ball...but again, I won't. I am ready.

Not only am I ready at the day job, but the band is ready for the at night stuff, too. We will get a practice in on Tuesday and then rock the house on Wednesday and Saturday. This is the tightest Hillbilly Devilspeak has been in a long, long time and we are all in a great place to bring the rock. I hope to see some old friends this week, too. Lots of fun to be had, even on a school night.

Guests are coming from California and Illinois to take in the show, that is exciting, too. I hope to be able to get some quality time with everyone between working and rocking. If only there could be a few more hours each day to just be with those who I don't get to see only a daily or weekly basis.

So here's to a killer week. I'll write more about it, I'm sure.

See you tomorrow.

We looked a little different when this was taken in 2017. Hard to believe that was almost six years ago. Record Store Day fun.

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