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Entry date: 2-8-2023 - Take a Look Inside - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I've been thinking a lot about what drives me to want to play with certain bands. For example, there is a long list of bands that I love, like, and respect that I have shared a bill with, but in reality, it has rarely made me feel any closer to the actual musicians in the bands.

I have very little expectations about hanging out with Unsane tonight or that they will even be in the bar when we play. In terms of hopes or wants, that ship sailed a long time ago. Sure, I have hung out and talked with a good amount of these folks and some have even said some really nice things about whichever of my bands were playing that night.

That always feels good, of course, and it is fun to play these types of shows, but what is my real motivation?

Early on, it was a competitive thing. I wanted to beat other bands to the punch and get the good shows. That passed, though, after I got to know a lot of the other good local bands and they became friends first and not competition. Then I got to the point where I wanted to add those names to my "list" and be able to tell some good stories some day.

I wish there was a ton of those good stories. I will write some up for Ergonomic Mischief, for sure. Maybe tonight will be one of them? On a personal level, it definitely will be a fun time. I get to play for my brothers and that is always special...especially since Hillbilly brought us all together a lot back in the day.

I guess when I look at it objectively, I like playing big shows for the energy. People get a lot more excited for certain bands and getting to play those shows allows me to get a taste of that energy coming back from the crowd. It's easier put on a good show when there is a lot of electricity coming back from the audience and it is definitely electric.

That's the thing every performer chases and I chase it, too.

See you tonight!

Would love to open a show for one of this guy's bands. I love Steve McDonald.

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