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Entry date: 3-11-2023 - Skateboarding, Memories, and Barry Allen (and Mary) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Happy Saturday to you. I may have mentioned this before, but I love the film, Catch Me If You Can. It's on right now as I type and it is the part where Tom Hanks' character, the (least-colored) FBI guy (Butthole Surfers song reference), just figured out Leo's character is just a kid. Fun stuff.

Picked up Drew's guitar and amp from Lance (well, it's really Lance's now) this morning and Liam is rocking out. It was good to hang with Lance for a bit and see Amy, too. I love playing that guitar and I think Liam will, too. He's making some good noise right now.

We are off to Skatercon next. I stopped by for a bit this morning and ran into Jx and Steve. We are heading back to see more friends and soak it up for a bit. Then off to the show tonight to rock the fuck out.

I also have to share that we had a wonderful dinner last night at Tom and Renee's. I didn't really realize until yesterday morning that they share the same wedding anniversary as Dad and Lori. March 10th is a good day for good couples.


While Connie snored next to her, which was almost comforting, Mary tossed and turned. She went from one fitful dream to another. It was like a barrage of horrible imagery between staring out the ceiling, looking for imaginary spiders. In one blast of subconscious moviemaking, Mary was trapped in a classroom and the students were all growing spider legs before chasing her around the room.

Around 8:30am, Connie woke up to find the bed was empty. She went out into her kitchen and Mary was sitting at the table drinking coffee and looking intently at her phone.

"Any more videos?" she asked.

"No," Mary replied. "No more videos. I feel like there has to be some clues, though. Someone was filming these things, right?"

"Who would want to hurt you like this, though?'

Mary looked at Connie. She could read her friend as well as she could read anyone. Could she really be thinking that this was not the work of another person? Mary didn't know what was going on here, but she wasn't ready to believe that there was something going on that could not be easily explained.

While she was laying awake, Mary wondered if Randy was messing with her somehow. He was known for the occasional practical joke. In fact, he had pulled some pretty elaborate ones in the past, but this was just weird. Cruel, too, and that wasn't Randy's style.

"I don't know, Con. I hope we can get some answers today, though. You still want to dig in?"

"You bet I do. First, though, we got some fans to take down."

(to be continued)


JFA at Punk Rock Bowling about six years ago.

See you tomorrow.

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