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Entry date: 3-12-2023 - The Morning After (and Mary) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a good day. Skatercon was fun, as usual, and our show was just as good. We played well and Liam got to experience a little pre-show nerves. This is a good thing. If you're not nervous, at least a little bit, before you get on stage, you're probably dead.

I was watching some of the other performers last night and it was clear that everyone experiences these nerves in their own way. It was interesting me to watch the little pre-show rituals of the Angry Samoan guys. They put on a good show and sounded great, but the best part was watching them all get prepared to play. I won't give away any of their secrets, of course, that is their story to tell, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has my little peccadillos.

I wish I would have remembered to stretch out a little better last night. I'm sore today. Neck and wrists feel like I've been doing something to them...getting old is fun. I do recommend it, though. It's just not for sissies.

Looking forward to seeing some family today and a little Father Figures practice. Rock and roll never stops, at least when you're like me and are terrible at saying no. Small price to pay, though, for the fun it brings.

This upcoming week is Spring Break. I'll probably blog in real time each day, so don't expect the usual 6AM blast dear readers. Who knows, though...I might still get up early each day.


Connie told Mary she was going to grab some of Jim's tools and she would be back in the house in just a bit. As she walked to the storage room, the events of the previous evening ran through her mind. It dawned on her that Mary seemed numb to the second text message.

What must she be feeling, Connie wondered. She had been searching now for hours for a logical explanation but she couldn't come up with anything other than it was some cruel prank being played on Mary, and now her. She decided to focus on gathering tools.

She grabbed Jim's old tool box. He loved that thing. He called it his "Trusty Rusty" since it had a little bit of rust at the corners on one side. Connie picked up Trusty Rusty and set it on the work bench Jim had built during the first year they lived in the house.

Connie opened the well-worn box to see what was inside and what she would need. There was a folded piece of lined paper on the top tray. It looked like the type of note her students would sometimes pass to each other when they thought she wouldn't notice.

This was odd, Connie thought. She didn't remember there being any paper in there the last time she needed some tools. A few months earlier, she had needed to loosen an old, dead hose from the spicket in the front yard and had grabbed a pair of pliers from the box.

Connie picked up the paper and unfolded it. It read:


Don't do this. Don't get involved.

Trust me.



(to be continued)


See you tomorrow

Little League: The One and Only Season for Liam.

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