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Entry date: 3-16-2023 - Random Stuff (and Mary) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Did some record shopping yesterday and went to the dentist. These are two things I really enjoy. The first one is obvious but I believe I will sing the praises of my dentist again. Dr. Treon on West Bethany Home is the bomb diggity. He's just so easy going and the gals in his office are friendly and welcoming. They take great care of my family's teeth, too.

Record shopping was somewhat successful. I didn't find what I was looking for but found some other things I'm pretty stoked on. I even bought one record for a second time because I forgot I had it. I can gift it to someone or take it back. It's not that great, so I'll probably take it back, but it does have a Suburban Lawns and Alley Cats track on it.

It was also our first day of no cable television. I can't say that I miss it. In fact, I feel free. I love TV and really like the concept of just plopping down on the couch and putting some random thing on, but I don't know. I think I'm going to cut my TV viewing way down.

I also don't even want to think about watching the stupid Suns right now. They are so lost and have no toughness anymore. I hate it. That Milwaukee game was just a punch in the gut. I was so bitter after it was over.


Mary helped Connie load up the tools in the back of her car and then she followed Connie over to her house. Each of the women needed the time on the short drive to collect themselves. The ten minute ride was probably not enough time to really prepare, but it was something.

Grim determination oozed from Connie as she drove down the familiar streets. She was pissed. Whoever or whatever that was fucking with Mary was now fucking with her and she did not like to be fucked with. You don't teach middle school for as long as she did without developing a pretty thick skin, but she had no patience left for this kind of crap.

In her mind, Connie was ready to take care of business. She envisioned walking into Mary's house, grabbing a stepladder and getting straight to work. She could see herself dismantling the fans and handing Mary pieces to be destroyed. A bonfire, she thought to herself, then aloud, she said, "We need to burn that shit."

Mary stared at the back of Connie's Honda and tried to calm her nerves. She was afraid of what they were walking into and the feeling was terribly uncomfortable for her. No one should be afraid to go home, Mary thought, but even she knew that was way more common than people knew.

Over the years, Mary had talked to hundreds of students who were afraid to go home. Those conversations were never easy, and often there was very little she could do except hope for the best, but she now realized how badly she had failed at making it easier for the students with her jibber jabber about being strong and making sure they came to talk to her if things changed or got worse.

Mary realized now that when you're scared, you don't need someone telling you to be strong. You need someone to hold your hand and let you know that they are really there next to you, supporting you, and understanding what you are going through. She felt such love for Connie at that moment that it immediately led to strong, soul crushing regret.

There would never be another day for Mary where she did not regret involving her friend in her situation.

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

Puppy made by Rose and Frank. They sure did make cute puppies.

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