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Entry date: 3-23-2023 - Mary - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Distractions are everywhere.

They seep into the daily routine and after a while, you don't even notice them anymore. Little things can dip into your brain and take up the space created by a new project or task.

Brains are pretty wild things.

The space you would need to finish a project, for example, is created in your brain when you have a new idea. Your brain gets excited about new ideas. Your brain is creating new ideas for you all the time and it gets revved up when you decide to act on one. It makes giant warehouses for the data storage and retrieval that is necessary to do a great job on something.

Your brain is ready to rock when you give it the go ahead from the command center. The only thing you have to look out for are those distractions. Your brain has all that space ready for new info and it gets greedy and starts getting interested in everything happening around you. It even gets interested in things that aren't happening around you, too. You have to be hyper-focused in the beginning of a new project.

As if coming out of a dream, Mary realized she was distracted. Her command center was misfiring. These were words she used when she taught her former students about how the brain works. Why was she thinking about these things, she wondered.

Mary opened her eyes expecting to be looking at her phone but she was in a hospital room. She blinked a few times and yes, she was laying a room. It was her room, but it wasn't a hospital room. It was definitely her room, though. She just wasn't sure why she was there.

In her hand, what thought he was a cell phone was not a cell phone. It was a call button.

She pushed it.


See you tomorrow.

I got to interview Ann M. once for LA Weekly. I pitched this idea of interviewing iconic LA music people about what they were up to now and it got picked up. Ann was awesome. Very engaging and nice and just regular, sweet gal. Maybe some day I'll share the full conversation.

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