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Entry date: 3-25-2022 - Random Thoughts and Crossroads Conclusion - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Got a lot of ideas today so we’re jumping around a bit. I’m sure for some of you, this suits your attention span much better than when I go off and tell a story for days at a time. To address the elephant in the room from yesterday, with the help of my lovely, better half, I made the decision to stay on course and stay where I am at for another year. This coming school year, I will be teaching online for my current employer and have the freedom to work for Maine for a bit this summer and travel back and forth if need be.

It was a tough decision as I had some nice offers on the table but being able to be flexible and mobile is key right now. I also enjoy the freedom my current job allows me to be creative in how I work with students without confining me to a set curriculum. I’m sure I will be writing more on this later in the summer as I prepare for the next school year.

Once Rhondi and I had a chance to really talk about the options in front of me (and us), it helped so much. I really hope everyone reading this has someone (or many people) in their life they can talk to openly and honestly. Someone who listens and considers what you are saying before feeling the need to respond. Someone who doesn’t immediately turn whatever you are sharing with them into being about them. As my cousins from across the pond would say, “That’s a load of bollocks.” We all need people in our life who want to help but know when to just shut up and let you speak. I’m really fortunate in that capacity, even if I’m usually the one who is shutting up and letting someone speak.

Next topic, please.


Wednesday night’s Suns game was awesome. If you weren’t paying attention, the Suns were in Minneapolis playing the Timberwolves and it was a barn burner. The T-Wolves have been playing really good basketball as of late and have a nice young team. They are going to be a tough out for whoever meets them in the first round of the playoffs (could be the Suns) and should be a force in the league for awhile if they can keep it together.

The game started off with the T-Wolves getting the better of the Suns for much of the first half. They were playing good defense and hitting their shots. The Suns bench was doing a great job of keeping the Suns in the game, as was Deandre Ayton, but they rest of the starters were struggling a bit. It also got really heated during the second quarter and the T-Wolves were talking a lot of trash.

I’d like to hate Patrick Beverly, but I just can’t. It is probably an unpopular opinion, but I would love to see him on the Suns. I’m not quite sure he could adjust his style to meet the team’s need for toughness, which is truly less than ever before, but he’d be great alongside Mikal Bridges, CP3, and Booker. They could go small and tough, but I digress. Beverly has brought a real toughness and attitude to Minnesota that will pay dividends if he doesn’t do something stupid and hurt someone or get suspended at the wrong time.

The T-Wolves, though, poked the bear last night. I knew the Suns would come back and win in the second half, even though they were down 13 at the end of two quarters. The T-Wolves were talking trash and celebrating a bit too much. The Suns came back with a good 3rd quarter and cut the lead to five points and then took the game over in the 4th. Landry Shamet, Devin Booker, Ayton, and Bridges were kicking serious tail out there and the rest of the team played lock down defense. They held that clown, Karl Anthony Towns, to three points and three rebounds in the second half.

Fucking killer. I’m excited about the game on Thursday night in Denver with Chris Paul coming back.


We went camping last weekend and had a really nice time. There was drunken shenanigans, laughter, friendship, campfires, injuries, wind, rain, dirt, kayaking, and hiking. Those of you who read this blog and were there, please know that it was super special for me to get that time with you. There is something about being out in the sticks with people you love that is the best. I also appreciate those of you who were concerned about Liam’s hand. It meant a lot to have you there and caring for him.

Liam lost his balance while picking up the pickleball and put his hand in the coals from the previous night’s campfire. He got some pretty good burns but he’s recovering nicely. It hasn’t stopped him from playing video games this week. It did ruin his trip for a day or so, though, which sucked. Kinda sucked the air out of it for me, too. Luckily this was after Friday night’s debauchery. We had a good time blowing off some steam on the first night. Fun was had, for sure.

We were up at Apache Lake, which is about two hours from Phoenix. The campground, Burnt Corral, is right on the lake and allows for some beautiful views. I’ll share some of the pictures over the next few weeks when I’m looking for an image. The picture from today is our tent. I was calling it our Beverly Hillbillies tent as we had a little rain on Sunday and needed to add a few tarps to keep us dry. It looked ridiculous but kept us warm. The wind and rain kicked a little sinus thing into gear for me and I’ve been feeling like crap all week, but it gets better every day. I’m sure I’ll feel just great by the time work starts up again on Monday.

Home stretch for the school year.

See you tomorrow.

I took this photo and supervise/participated in making a nice tent look rather tawdry. Notice the leftover beers in the box, as well as some delicious oranges. Also, always travel with peanut butter pretzels.

Not feeling a playlist, but I encourage you to listen to something you enjoy today because, well, why not?

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