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Entry date: 3-31-2023 - The Great Glass Friday-vator (and the Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I've been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my students. I hadn't read it since I was about their age, so it has been fun to revisit the book. They love it, too. It's a shame they've been such little a-holes this week. I'd really like to read some more of the book today.

The strange thing about reading it this time is that I don't picture Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. I mean, yes, of course, he is THE Willy Wonka, but I've been able to picture Wonka as described in the book. I didn't mind the Johnny Depp version, either, but Wilder...he was just killer in just about everything he did.

If there is time, I will read them the sequel, The Great Glass Elevator, too. I read that back in elementary school as well but have little recollection of the book. Maybe it sucked.

Let's hope today is quick and painless.


Following up on the Suns game from the other night. Kevin Durant is human. He was nervous and it was kind of fun to watch him struggle. I think the Denver game tonight should be a good one. Should be a playoff type atmosphere.

On a different note, Terence Ross sucks big time on defense. The Timberwolves were exploiting the heck out of him. If he's not hitting shots, he gives the Suns nothing. At least TJ Warren was hustling, rebounding, and staying home on his man. Ross just looks lost.


The Bet

Marcy and Paul lived with their two children, Billy and Winny (short for Winona) in a quiet neighborhood in a large west coast city. There were trees in the front yards of houses, a few of their neighbors had children, and even though they had been in their home for over a decade, Paul and Marcy were still the "new" people. They liked living there and so did their kids.

In fact, Billy and Winny had grown up in the house. Irish twins, the kids were only about 15 months apart in age and Billy had been born about five months after Marcy and Paul had bought the property. At the time, their new neighbors seemed so excited about having a young couple with a growing family around, but over the years, the neighbors had either died off or grown distant.

This didn't bother Paul and Marcy much, though. Between the kids, their jobs, and a fairly active social life, they didn't mind being the neighbors nobody seemed to particularly like. Well, there was one cool neighbor, an old guy named Jonathan, who lived a couple of doors down. He was friendly enough and liked talking to Paul about cars.

Paul was a car guy. It was baffling to Marcy, most of the time, but she had hobbies of her own and appreciated that Paul didn't let his hobbies overtake family stuff, except on big race days. Paul liked watching cars go fast around a track. This was even more baffling to Marcy, but again, he was usually very supportive of her interests and she wanted to do the same for him.

Marcy even kind of liked when Paul would walk over to Jonathan's and shoot the shit in the driveway. Usually there was a car or truck with a hood up and before too long, they two men would be drinking a beer, laughing, and getting a little dirty. Paul loved fiddling with an engine.

Marcy, on the other hand, loved movies. She was obsessed with movies and the people who were in them and thoroughly enjoyed reading about new movies coming out and watching the gossip shows on TV. One of her most favorite things was turning people on to a movie she liked.

If someone new came over to the house, Marcy would often corner them to see what kind of movies they liked so she could make a suggestion, or better yet, convince them to sit down and watch one with her. Often it was a cult movie from the early 70s called Jimmy's Brain that she wanted people to watch.

To Marcy, Jimmy's Brain was about the best thing ever.

(To be continued)


See you tomorrow.

The flyer for the last ever PTWKAF show. If you missed it, you are bummed.

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