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Entry date: 3-5-2023 - So Many Things (and Mary) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

What a nice couple of days. The weather in Phoenix has been great and yesterday was just super pleasant. We had some family over to celebrate what Rhondi called "Quality time Hang" in honor of her birthday and it was really lovely. I'm so thankful to have so many wonderful people in our life. I was touched by the love shown to my beautiful wife.

Last year at this time, I was writing a lot about how Hillbilly Devilspeak came about it seems so ironic that the band is pretty healthy and functioning right now. We are doing some good things over in HD land and having a lot of fun. It's so gratifying that people are enjoying it, too.

The SUNS! Wow. What a game earlier today. This is why the blog is a bit late today. I watched it closely to see how the team would respond to the inevitable challenge the Mavericks (those shitheads from Dallas) would bring. All I can do is reiterate how exciting it is to watch Kevin Durant play in a Suns uniform. They squeaked a tough one out, but a W is a W and those rat bastards lead by the whiny Luka Doncic can fuck right off.

There is a lot of good things happening for the team right now and once they figure out who is going to be a main contributor off the bench at the wing, they will be just fine. The Dallas bench killed the Suns bench today, at least until Ish Wainright got in there and they are going to need guys like Terrence Ross and TJ Warren to be able to come in and score some points.

Now that the game is over, I can concentrate on doing laundry and resting up for tomorrow and my hell week of Spring Break anticipation. I can't imagine the kids won't be a little bit excited about a week off.


Mary felt the door knob in her hand. It felt real. It was difficult for this self-possessed, typically levelheaded woman to feel so much fear about stepping out onto her new porch. Just a week earlier, she had been so happy about Randy's excellent work and her new furniture. But now, she was scared to see the fan.

Almost instinctively, she put the bag of garbage that she was holding in front of her as she pushed the door open and stepped outside. Maybe it would act as a sort of buffer between her and what she thought might be waiting for her.

Mary's eyes were drawn to the fan. Mercifully, it was still, but she almost tripped over her left gardening boot as she started toward the alley gate. She kept expecting the fan to start at any moment, but it didn't move.

"Thank God," she muttered under her breath as she kicked the gardening boot aside, quickly deciding to get a new pair next time she was at Walmart. Mary strode quickly towards the back gate, entered the combination in the lock, and deposited the trash in the large black bin she shared with her neighbors.

As stepped back in her yard, Mary felt relieved for the first time in two days. Maybe it was just the chemicals from the insecticide. She couldn't remember when she bought. Maybe it goes even more toxic over time, she thought.

As she walked across her yard, she was excited to head over to Connie's and have some fun. Mary took one last look at the fan as she opened the French door to her kitchen. It was still.

Mary grabbed her things and headed for the carport door. As she stepped out into the late afternoon sun, she decided she would tell Connie everything, including what the spider had told her.

Unbeknownst to her, as she pulled out of her driveway and steered her Prius towards Connie's house, all three fans on the porch began to turn very, very slowly.

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

Spider eye up close?

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