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Entry date: 3-8-2023 - Explore the Truth (and Mary) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be alive and healthy and the best version of yourself. Some of this is brought on by people I love going through tough times and some is just reflecting on what I've learned. Either way, it's good to explore what is really important to you and all the side chatter that gets in our way of being happy (or, at very least, satisfied).

We go around this world for a finite amount of time. If there is an evil entity or force, it is built around the things that distract us from being our true selves. The want monster, for example, is part of this. We are taught in the US of A to want things that others have and feel less than if we don't have what they have and to covet what others seem to covet. It's such a weird thing. We spend so much time worrying about this crap that we don't take the time to appreciate the things we have.

I battle the want monster all the time and, for fuck's sake, I have a great goddamn life. I want for nothing. In reality, I have so much more than I truly need and will leave the kids a pile of junk when I am gone. Some of it might be worth something but either way, they may not want it or care. I already know Liam is going to claim all my music stuff and the records and such will go to all the kids, probably Teresa, and the most beautiful thing of all is that I won't know or care.

The want monster, though, is a fucking bastard and plants little hints and such that take my eyes off the prize. I forget to just make the day I have in front of me the best I can. I forget that what happened yesterday is gone. Done. Over.

Sure, I might have to apologize for yesterday sometimes. I might have to eat a little crow or mend some fences. My side of the street might be dirty, too, but I can deal with that and clean as I go. I can be genuine and loving and strive to be the best me I can be. Beyond that, I don't have a lot of power.

But it is enough power.

Go. Do. Be. Create.

I have the power to do that and so do you.


"It's Morse Code, I'm sure of it," Connie said after the two friends had collected themselves.

The initial shock, plus the late hour, had made it tough to focus.

"Why do you think that?" Mary asked.

"One of my students did a report on Morse Code a few years ago and did a little demonstration of how it would work by using a flashlight. Play it again."

Mary fumbled with her phone and started the video.

"See, look. The light does long and short pulses. It's starts with short, short, long, short. Then there is a pause. Then it does short, short, long. Then another pause, then long, short, short, short, pause, shit. We need to write this down."

"Do you have a pad in here?"

"Yes, over on my night stand. If there isn't a pen or pencil, there's one in the drawer."

Mary crawled across the king size bed and grabbed the pad. There was a pencil next to it and a grocery list started on top page. Without thinking, Mary flipped to the next page and said, "Start it again."

Connie read off the sequence again and added the last few bits.

"Hey Siri," Mary said.

"Mm-hmm," replied the robot.

"Tell me about Morse Code."

Mary's phone was directed to a website with a breakdown of the Code, including all 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers one through ten. Connie read off the tablet and they deciphered the message.

It read: F - U - Both.

This made Mary giggle and then Connie started to laugh.

"Eff us? Eff you, motherfucker. You're fucking with the wrong ladies," Connie choked out between chuckles.

Mary looked at her friend and collapsed backwards into the pillows behind her.

"Is somebody fucking with me?" she asked.

Connie just kept on laughing and handed Mary her phone which was now vibrating.

"Looks like you have another message."

(To be continued)


See you tomorrow.

Lions always hit the heights 'cause to kill it's always been an easy way out.

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