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Entry date: 4-1-2023 - April Fools Day part 2 (and the Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Dear Friends,

Last year I wrote about the terrible jokes I would have liked to have played on my students last year. They didn't deserve them, of course, and I played no jokes on them. At least nothing memorable. I do have a few of my students convinced that I am a robot this year, so I will keep that one going as long as possible (or until a parent calls the school). I played a little April Fool joke on myself yesterday and put a staple fully into my thumb. That was not fun.

But anyway, April Fool! Whatever the fuck that means.

Unlike many people out there, I do not celebrate the true April Fool getting indicted this past week. Sadly, I think New York lacks the balls to convict him and this will all backfire on our nation. We are headed for some very tough times, friends, and to be honest, I am very concerned. Because of the jokey part of today, I'm not going to go into detail about the things I'm afraid of happening in the coming months, but I do think it is going to be bumpy, to say the least.

There will be a lot of economic backlash from the Republicans over this Trump nonsense. Although one, like myself, should probably not call 34 counts (what I read) "nonsense." Fraud is such an ugly word, isn't it, Donald? What's about to happen to most of us is way worse than fraud, though. They are going to absolutely crush and then re-write the "American Dream" and the Democrats will do nothing to stop them except whine and cry.

I'm salty this morning from shitty sleep last night. Here's to a better day.


Jimmy's Brain was an early take on the mockumentary genre. It was set in a hospital, which was probably why Marcy liked it so much, and was supposed to be a true account of the world's first brain transplant. A famous musician, Jimmy, had a rare form of brain cancer and needed a new brain.

"What could be better than surgeons and rock stars," Marcy always said when she was pitching the movie to unsuspecting friends.

Usually, Paul would just shrug his shoulders and groan when the suggestion to watch Jimmy's Brain was made. Over the years they had been married, Paul had probably watched Jimmy's Brain over twenty times and had seen portions of it at least a dozen more. He liked the movie just fine, but could never fully understand why Marcy wanted to show it to seemingly everyone who came over to their house.

One night after their friends, Jim and Stephanie were over, Paul asked Mary why she wanted everyone to see the film.

"Hon..." Paul said as he sat on his side of the bed and kicked off his shoes.

"Yes, babe?"

"This might seem like a really random question, but why do you try and show everyone Jimmy's Brain when we have people over?"

Marcy let out a "hmmm" sound and didn't answer the question right away.

"I mean, it's a good movie, and I get that you love it," Paul added, "But it's kind of an obsession, don't you think?"

Another "hmmm" followed and Paul realized as he swung his legs up onto the bed and pushed himself back into his pillows that he had struck a bit of a nerve. They had indulged in a few cocktails with their friends and Marcy might be a little more buzzed than he thought. That second "hmmm" sounded a little tense to him as he made himself comfortable.

After a few seconds, though, Marcy spoke up.

"I don't know, Paul. Why do you always want to talk about cars or golf?"

He had struck a nerve, but he wasn't sure why.

"Don't be mad, hon. I was just curious. Sometimes I feel like it is almost a game to you or a challenge like..." and he paused here looking for the right word ... "like you want to see if you can get people to do what you want them to do."

"Well, I do. I want them to see my favorite movie."

"That's pretty funny."

"Why do you say that?"

The tone in Marcy's voice was interesting to Paul. He couldn't quite tell if she was really getting irritated with his questions or if she was fucking with him. He stammered a bit when he replied, " is kinda funny, don't you think?"

"I guess so," Marcy replied, drawing out the word 'guess' as if it had an extra couple of syllables.

"Do I really always talk about cars and golf? Am I that predictable?"

"No, Paul, you're not predictable. Apparently I am the predictable one."

He realized he had definitely touched a nerve. There was no point in pushing it further, but Marcy wasn't quite ready to drop it.

"Do you hate Jimmy's Brain, Paul? Is that what this is about? I heard you telling Jim you were, how did you say it, oh yeah, 'getting ready to hide the DVD.'"

" I don't hate it. I'm just super fucking curious why you think everyone has to see it?"

Now Paul was getting a bit worked up, too. He got up out of bed and headed for the bedroom door.

"Where are you going?" Marcy asked.

"To check on the kids and take a leak. I'll be right back."

As Paul walked out of the bedroom door, he heard Marcy say, "Leave my DVD alone."

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

Julie, Matt, myself, and someone's legs in Jeff's old room circa 88. Teresa Barry photo....

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