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Entry date: 4-10-2023 - Stuff I am thinking about (and the Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I love Mondays. It is the start of something new. Seven weeks to go in the school year, no breaks from here on out, and time to rock and roll. It’s all happening, as they say. We even get a Yo-Yo demonstration assembly today. Woohoo!


Was saddened yesterday to learn of the passing of a dog that I cared for immensely. Vincent was a fine boxer who shared the lives of Michael and Tracey and his brother, Jules. I’m glad the old fella didn’t suffer much, but still, saying goodbye to a pet is an awful thing. I’ve done it too many times in my life and it never gets easier. My heart goes out to all who were touched by Vincent. I will miss his sloppy kisses.


The Suns fell to the Clippers yesterday. This sets up a Clippers/Suns round one of the Western Conference playoffs and I think the Suns will get a good test from the Clips. I would have preferred to have had them play the Warriors in the first round because I think the path to the finals goes through the Bay Area, but the Clippers will do, too.

I listened to Al McCoy and enjoyed the dulcet tones of his wonderful voice. I will keep listening during the playoffs, of course, and watching however I can. I’ve been riding the free trial wave of Bally Sports and Fubo to get access to the games on TV. It wouldn’t kill me to listen to a few playoff games on the radio.


Dinner was a big success. Greg and Jenny were delightful conversationalists, and the four adults were enjoying themselves immensely. Winny and Billy were with the grandparents for the night and the wine, beer, and cocktails were flowing nicely.

It was decided early on that their guests would either Uber home and Paul and Marcy would drive their car back to them the next day or they would just stay the night, so Marcy was feeling confident in her winning the bet. After dinner was over, Paul tried to throw a little blockade up by suggesting they play cards, but Marcy easily outmaneuvered him by suggesting they put a movie on while they played. Greg and Jenny had no idea they were about to be the ones getting played.

“What do you guys want to watch,” Marcy asked slyly.

Jenny piped in. “I’m in the mood for a comedy. I haven’t seen anything good in a while.”

“She’s always in the mood to laugh,” Greg added. “I guess that’s why she married me.”

“Greg, I love you, buddy, but you’re not that funny,” Marcy said sarcastically.

“Hey now! What about that one movie you’re always talking about, Marcy?” said Greg.

“I don’t know what movie you mean, Greg.”

“You know. The one you said ‘everybody should see at least once.’”

Paul shot Marcy a look, but before he could say anything, she shocked him a bit with what she said next.

“Oh yeah, but that’s not a comedy, friend. It’s pretty intense and kinda scary. Straw Dogs, right?”

“I’m in the mood for scary,” Paul said, thinking he was about to win the bet. Marcy must have been telling Greg about Straw Dogs when she was going through her Dustin Hoffman phase.

“Let’s put something light and fun on while we play cards,” Marcy said.

“YES!!! Cheers to that!” added Jenny.

Paul thought he would try a little reverse psychology. It could have been the beers kicking in, but Paul’s gut told him to go for broke.

“How about Jimmy’s Brain, Marce?” he said with a grin.

Without skipping a beat, Marcy said, “You know what, Paul? Fuck you.”

She stared at Paul with a look that backed up her words. Greg and Jenny looked at each other quickly as if to say, “What the fuck?” because Paul was clearly shocked by Marcy’s word choice.

“I’m not going to subject our friends to that one, Paul,” said Marcy, clearing the air.

She figured two could play the reverse psychology game.

“What’s Jimmy’s Brain,” asked Jenny.

“It’s brilliant,” Paul said, before he added, “and Marcy loves it. She tries to make everyone watch it.”

Greg started laughing at this notion.

“Marcy does what?” he asked Paul.

Paul looked at Marcy before continuing:

“She loves making people watch it. We even had a bet about it this evening. I think I just fucked it up. Sorry, babe. You win.”

Marcy looked at Paul with a mixture of disbelief and disgust. She had wanted to win the joke and he had screwed her out of her victory. She took a breath, though, and collected herself.

“He’s just kidding you guys. It’s a joke between Paul and I. I’m sorry. I don’t want this to get out of hand,” Marcy said.

“Well, hell! If you love it so much, let’s watch it,” Jenny added, wanting to break any tension.

“No, let’s just play cards,” Marcy said.

“Can you convince me to watch,” asked Greg.

Paul looked at Marcy to see her reaction and Jenny looked at Greg, too. She wanted to see why her husband was poking the bear. Jenny thought Marcy seemed on the verge of getting pretty pissed off.

“Greg, buddy, I stopped trying to convince you of anything after you insisted on staying in the ER when the oncology job came up a couple years ago,” Marcy responded briskly, but she knew what she was doing. She could fight fire with fire with the best of them.

“I want to watch Jimmy’s Brain,” said Jenny.

“Me, too,” added Greg.

“Well, hon. I guess you win,” said Paul and he walked over to the DVD shelf and grabbed the box.

Marcy sat there seething internally but decided to play it off.

“It is my favorite movie,” she said.

“Let me see the cover,” said Greg.

Paul handed the cover to Greg after his fished out the disc. Marcy stole a look at the cover as Paul handed it to her coworker.

It might have been the booze, but Marcy was certain that the picture of Jimmy on the cover winked at her.

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

I'm in trouble.

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